Report: “Growing Buzz” the Raiders Targeting a Quarterback With Early Pick

Maybe this is why the Raiders made sweeping maneuvers to keep their scouts out of the loop as the draft drew near a year ago.

Or maybe the below story is just a plume of draft smoke.

Either way, there are rumors making the rounds once again that the Raiders might be targeting a quarterback in the first round.

“There is growing buzz that the Raiders might draft a quarterback with their second first-round pick at No. 19,” The Athletic’s Vic Tafur reported on Friday. “Utah State’s Jordan Love is a possibility if the consensus fourth-best QB falls to No. 19, or the team could trade down from 19 and grab Oklahoma’s Jalen Hurts, whom the team is very high on.”

Tafur recently implied that he got a slap on the wrist a year ago for sharing one of the Raiders draft secrets. Maybe he’s in line for another slap in a few months… or maybe Jon Gruden and company are hoping a few extra quarterbacks will be drafted ahead of the Raiders in the first round (pushing back a player or two they might like).

We’ll have our answers soon enough.

But the Dwayne Haskins rumors last year were great, aren’t they?

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6 thoughts on “Report: “Growing Buzz” the Raiders Targeting a Quarterback With Early Pick

  1. I think Vic Tafur is a total hack!! And just makes up stuff in his head and has no sources! Carr2020

  2. A good rookie to back up Carr almost seems like a given.
    There are some decent QBs around the that could come into that role, backing up with the plan start when necessary.
    Jim Plunket, Rich Gannon & Darryl were veterans who still hadn’t pissed their drop (unlike Tom Brady) and gave us great service (super bowls) & leadership.
    Rookies are always a certain gamble, see Mr. J Russell, aka Mr. Flop

  3. I think the Raiders would do so much better trying to bring in Mariota as a back up for Carr … Experience is everything …the Mahomes wave will crest if it hasn’t all ready as teams will adjust to his game …

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