La Canfora is Still Beating the ‘Raiders Don’t Want Derek Carr’ Drum

Jason La Canfora is back at it again.

Now rounding out his second full year of predicting that Jon Gruden will move on from Derek Carr, La Canfora has moved to circulating the idea that Cam Newton might be the Raiders quarterback in Las Vegas.

“If he is healthy [Cam Newton] is a great fit,” La Canfora says an executive in the league told him about the Raiders quarterback situation. “(Jon) Gruden knows all of these quarterbacks from studying them and meeting them at ESPN. I could see him buying low on Cam. He’s ready to move on from Carr. The Panthers need draft picks and the Raiders have plenty.” I have heard similar sentiments from other well-connected sources about this proposition and have yet to encounter a trusted source in the NFL who believes Carr will be back with the Raiders.”

What is interesting is that La Canfora can’t find a “trusted” source to tell him that Carr will return to the Raiders, but for two years he has been trusting sources that have obviously been wrong. That’s not to say something can’t happen in the next two weeks, but how long do you get to sit on a prediction and still get credit for being out in front of the story?

Furthermore, who were La Canfora’s sources last year?

If any of his sources now are the same as a year ago, he should probably find new sources.

For what it’s worth, Cam Newton doesn’t seem like anything close to the kind of quarterback Gruden might be looking for to lead him back to the promise land. And the idea that the Raiders would throw draft picks at the Panthers for Newton might be even crazier.

But credit where credit is due.

La Canfora called it first. Cam to the Raiders.

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5 thoughts on “La Canfora is Still Beating the ‘Raiders Don’t Want Derek Carr’ Drum

  1. Ridiculous! Cam? Ab in a qb uniform! There are maybe 3 qbs that could have done better with the lack of talent in recieving! Period! I dont know where ya’ll are getting this but i guarentee carr will be starter

  2. Jason who?!?!? Outta his mind if he thinks Mayock is gonna trade away draft capital for an injuryprone, primadonna cuz he has the capital? If Im the Panthers sure great deal but it sucks for the Raiders….Jason who?!?!? #raidernation

  3. La Canfora says the Raiders have plenty of draft picks!
    We have 7! Then throw picks to Carolina for Cam?
    Glad he’s not Our GM!
    Derek Carr is our QB

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