Report Indicates Raiders Have Varied Interest in Jadeveon Clowney Within the Organization

The Raiders are still in the hunt for Jadeveon Clowney, but a report on Tuesday seemed to confirm that there are differing levels of interest in the former first overall pick within the organization.

“There is even some question about the depth of interest within the Raiders, as one source familiar with the organization said there is a “varied” appetite for the Clowney pursuit,” Charles Robinson of Yahoo Sports reported on Tuesday. “Depending on whether you’re speaking to head coach Jon Gruden or general manager Mike Mayock. The source said Mayock appears to be squarely in the same ‘price point’ camp as the Titans and Seahawks.”

At one point the Raiders were reportedly offering less money to Clowney than other teams, but based on Robinson’s report it sounds like the Raiders have a competitive offer on the table. For what it’s worth, Nevada would still give Clowney a friendly tax break, but so would Tennessee. Seattle, not so much.

Robinson’s report is also in line with a previous rumor that Jon Gruden “really wants” the team to sign Clowney.

If the Raiders do end up reaching an agreement with Clowney, it will take some level salary cap manipulation to fit his new deal under the cap. As of now, they have a little more than $4 million in cap room and that doesn’t leave much room for the kind of contract it would take to add Clowney.

For what it’s worth, there is also another voice within the organization pounding the table for Clowney…

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Jadeveon Clowney is only 27 years old and can play both outside and inside on the defensive line. He’s been double teamed most of his life and can blow up any play at anytime in a game. His price is dropping. At this price there is no downside on a 2 year deal.

And one other note…

If there is one deal on the Raiders roster begging to be re-worked, it’s the contract of Derek Carr. The Raiders could clear plenty of cap room for Clowney (or anyone else) by turning some of Carr’s money into bonus money.

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3 thoughts on “Report Indicates Raiders Have Varied Interest in Jadeveon Clowney Within the Organization

  1. Oh yea! You wanna be team first guys Carr!? Tim Brown constantly restructured his contract when Al asked him too!
    Another great who did that consistently and it was a proven recipe for success, was former NE Patriot now TB Buccaneer
    Tom Brady. You got give up a little to get a lot ! Comes down to how much are you willing to sacrifice to win in this new era of the NFL?

  2. Seems strange, I was hoping we could get him but the consolation prize was Khalil Mack.

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