Report: Jay Gruden a strong candidate to join Jon Gruden in Las Vegas next year

Jon Gruden hired his son two years ago as a strength and conditioning assistant and if things don’t quickly turn around in Washington, Jon’s brother, Jay, could find himself on the Raiders coaching staff, too.

According to league insider Jason La Canfora, people close to Jay Gruden believe the next stop in his coaching career could be Las Vegas.

“Gruden, who is signed through 2020, is well-liked and respected among his peers, and there has long been chatter around the league that he would eventually join his brother Jon’s staff with the Raiders should he not remain a head coach,” La Canfora reported on Sunday. “That team is set to begin play in Las Vegas in 2020… but after six years in the long dysfunctional organization, some close to [Jay Gruden] believe a stint in a lower profile role with the Raiders would suit him perfectly.”

If Gruden does bring his brother on staff, it will be interesting to see where he would use him. Jay is a proven offensive coordinator (with arguably a better resume than Jon), but Jon seems to like Greg Olson and we know Derek Carr likes Olson.

For what it’s wirth, Jay Gruden has almost no chance of hanging around with the Redskins next year. He had a rookie quarterback dumped on him that he didn’t want to draft and it’s no secret that the decision makers in Washington are preparing to move on from Gruden – possibly even before the season’s end.

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8 thoughts on “Report: Jay Gruden a strong candidate to join Jon Gruden in Las Vegas next year

  1. Bring back Charlie Casserly as GM and get rid of Brusie. The whole structure of this team
    needs to be replaced including internal as well. Otherwise this is the future of this

  2. They the Skins do look pretty awful and I always thought it was the teams lack of patience, because for instance u would have people start here look lousy and go to other teams and flourish. That being said Gruden has had long enough, the staff has had long enough, and a fair share of over rated players have had long enough. Time to get rid of the whole lot of them and start fresh. What is there to lose.

  3. To me it always seemed to be a problem with patience once it came to the Skins. For instance u would see players start of here and look awful and go somewhere else and just simply flourish. In this tenure has seemed to have been long enough and it’s just time to rid themselves of the whole stinking lot. Coaching staff, front office, and all the overrated players that have for less a term BEEN AROUND LONG ENOUGH. Start over what’s there to LOSE.

  4. Based on my observation of the Skins it always seemed to be a question of patience and when to hold on or let go. Players would start here look terrible, get traded, and go to another team and flourish. In this case though it seems enough time has gone in to this fiasco and it’s time to bid farewell to the whole kit and caboodle. What they got to lose…. another game, season, face…. past all of that… LoL.

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