Report: Jets Quietly Shopping Muhammad Wilkerson

The Jets aren’t saying it, but it sure seems like they’re shopping Muhammad Wilkerson. Jets’ GM Mike Maccagnan said the team isn’t “actively” pursuing a trade, but in NFL circles isn’t that essentially code for the Jets aren’t “publicly” pursuing a trade?

It isn’t being reported by national insiders for reasons you can figure on your own, but Tony Pauline of says the word at Tuesday’s Florida Pro Day is that the Jets are, in fact, shopping Wilkerson.

For now, at least, the Jets don’t want to shop Wilkerson through the media – for reasons, once again, you can figure on your own.

So what would the Jets take for Wilkerson? Right now it seems like they’re holding out for a first-round pick.

As it relates to the Raiders, it’s clear Wilkerson would leap at the opportunity to be traded to Oakland, but he’s also reportedly seeking more than $40 million in guaranteed money – a huge commitment even before giving up the draft pick(s).

Could it happen that McKenzie would fork over picks and $40 million for Wilkerson? Sure. But don’t hold your breath.

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3 thoughts on “Report: Jets Quietly Shopping Muhammad Wilkerson

  1. So I wonder what the Jets would say if the Raiders offer them a swap of the 1st rd and add this yr and next yrs 4th rounders?

  2. I would offer the swap of first rounders and a second round pick for Wilkerson. Hopefully, Reggie could trade down then maybe gain the second round pick back. This would limit your choices of whom to select. Although, there may be a chance Vernon Butler or Jaylon Smith could be still available. The alternative is to stand pact at 14 and select Sheldon Rankins or Noah Spence if available and hopefully they in turn provide the same or near production of a Mo Wilkerson. Please respond.

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