Report: Jim Harbaugh Would Want J.J. McCarthy With Him if Hired By the Raiders

Jim Harbaugh isn’t the favorite to be the next Raiders head coach, but if it somehow happens it sounds like he would want to bring his Michigan quarterback with him.

According to league insider Tony Pauline, the belief is that the Raiders would be strong candidates to draft J.J. McCarthy in the first round if Harbaugh is the head coach…

“Sources told me last month that if Jim Harbaugh gets the job in Las Vegas, ‘He wants J.J. with him.’ So, McCarthy ending up in the top half of round one and wearing the Silver and Black next season is a distinct possibility.”

For now, it seems like Harbaugh is slightly favored to end up back at Michigan, but if he leaves for the NFL, the Chargers are the strong betting favorites to get him…

John Ewing on Twitter: “Odds for Jim Harbaugh’s team in 2024 at @BetMGM+175 @UMichFootball+225 Chargers+600 Falcons+700 Raiders+1000 Bears+1400 Titans+1400 Any other NFL or NCAA team❤️ If Harbaugh stays at Michigan / Twitter”

Odds for Jim Harbaugh’s team in 2024 at @BetMGM+175 @UMichFootball+225 Chargers+600 Falcons+700 Raiders+1000 Bears+1400 Titans+1400 Any other NFL or NCAA team❤️ If Harbaugh stays at Michigan

As of Thursday, just about every indication is that interim head coach Antonio Pierce will be retained by the Raiders, but as long as Tom Brady is involved in the hiring process, anything can happen.

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10 thoughts on “Report: Jim Harbaugh Would Want J.J. McCarthy With Him if Hired By the Raiders

  1. WTF Davis. You’re listening to Brady over your players, fans and completely disrespecting Raider Nation by listening to Brady. Yes, great quarterback but what makes him the expert of hiring head coaches? If AP isn’t hired, I am done! Done! I’ve waited and waited for this organization to finally do something that makes sense and could possibly get the raiders back on top.
    I barely hung on when you hired mcclown.
    Vrabel was a head coach for 5 years. He had some good teams. But, how many Lombardi’s did he bring home to Tennessee? ZERO!

  2. Jim Harbaugh is a proven winner at all levels. Id much rather have him as HC than the inexperienced AP who is just a players coach. Id strongly welcome the hire and the draft pick of McCarthy. I get it AP is black and we have to push to the front of the line but he’s not better than Harbaugh.

  3. I think Davis should stop hesitating and pull the trigger to retain Pierce and Kelly, The more he waits the more he is losing, I think if he had already hired the interims, he would have the OC they wanted, Now it will be a bidding war,
    and maybe he will already be hired by the time Davis makes a move. I also believe if he keeps listening to Brady we will find ourselves in the same boat next year because if these coaches davis hores do not have the Raider Mentality it will not work, His father proved that, and most every Raider coach was a Raider within! So is A. Pierce!

  4. Screw that, system isn’t broken, let’s not go through another dismantling of the team just to please another outsider! Hire AP and Kelly now!

  5. MD, please hire Harbaugh! Talk to him Brady, since you have is ear. I do not want to have face HC’s Reid, Payton and Harbaugh to the Chargers, 6 x a year, and even more if we have to play any of these three teams in the playoffs. We need to make big splashes. The Texans is a prime example. Get McCarthy as the QB, I’m fine with that. He’s a winner too. I do admit, AP did a good job with what he had, but I’m skeptical when we lose to the Chiefs 31-17 after having a double digit lead again, 3-0 to the Vikings and 20-13 to the Dolphins and Colts 23-20. Someone mentioned give AP an opportunity like John Madden. The NFL offenses and defenses are far more different than the 70’s when Madden coached.

  6. Hey Harbaugh, maybe you could do what Bellychik is doing. Get the old band together. Pick up the phone, Mchahon. Ditka, refrigerator perry, jefferson, urlacher. All to Atlanta not the Raiders..

  7. Love A.P.’s enthusiasm. Love that he grew up a Raider fan too. However, hiring him over Jim Harbaugh is insane.

    The Raiders were 5-4 under Pierce. Setting aside the unbelievably awesome dismantling of the “Chefs” in their house, the other four wins… ALL FOUR, were against teams starting backup quarterbacks.

    A.P.’s Raiders beat…

    NY Giants – No Daniel Jones
    NY Jets – No Aaron Rodgers
    L.A. Chargers – No Justin Herbert
    Denver – No Russell Wilson

    I’m not buying this fool’s gold. Just because the players like you and you’re fun to hang with, and can yell RAAAAIIDERS!!! does not make you a winning head coach.

    Harbaugh has done nothing BUT win. Every single place he has been. Stanford, The Niners, Michigan. And players not only like him and respect him, they play their asses off for him.

    And we want to let him go to The Chargers and play against him twice a year? Mark my words, that is a huge mistake and this time next year, you’ll be screaming to fire Pierce after they win 5 games all year long.

  8. Well, it’s obvious that we still have a large fan base in Oakland because they’ve got lots of good crack there and it sounds like a lot of people who commented above have definately been indulging in some type of mind altering substance! I wish we knew where these people were from…like Ohio or something? Of the nine comments I saw I would have to say that at least six of them had no factual basis whatsoever! Like maybe we could get JaMarcus Russell to be our quarterback again, huh? Maybe he could throw to Ruggs…and I think we could get Damon Arnette back too…for a price! Or better yet, they could all retire and sell Pokemon cards! Yup there it is!

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