Report: Johnathan Abram Suffered Shoulder Sprain and Chipped Collarbone From ESPN Camera Cart

Johnathan Abram is one tough dude.

He tore the rotator cuff in his shoulder in the season opener last year, but still finished the game.

On Monday night against the Saints, Abram apparently suffered another relatively serious injury – this time at the hands of an ESPN camera cart parked too close to the field.

Abrams’ injury looked serious and apparently it was

This was the NFL Network report on Sunday morning regarding Abram’s injury and his status heading into this week.

“Raiders safety Johnathan Abram suffered a Grade 2 AC joint sprain and a small piece of his collarbone chipped off, causing some internal bleeding after he crashed into a TV cart during Monday night’s win over New Orleans — a nationally televised incident that raised questions about player safety with equipment so close to the field.

Abram lay on his back for some time after the crash because it knocked his wind out, and an X-ray ruled out a significant fracture, according to sources. But additional tests Tuesday showed the extent of the damage. Abram nonetheless returned to finish the game, practiced in full this past week and will start today’s AFC showdown against the New England Patriots.”

Without question, Abram is already one of the toughest Raiders to ever put on the uniform. It’s no wonder Jon Gruden loves him.

Any chance the Raiders can inject a little of Abram’s toughness and healing super powers into Trent Brown?

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7 thoughts on “Report: Johnathan Abram Suffered Shoulder Sprain and Chipped Collarbone From ESPN Camera Cart

  1. This story underscores the importance of depth on an NFL team. Obviously, at ANY TIME the second or third string player could be thrust into a game and has to be ready to perform at grade A level. So, back to Nathan Peterman, who is now the second string backup to Derek Carr, should Derek Carr go down to an injury. Please, please, please go get Anthony Gordon, off of the Seattle Seahawks’ practice squad. Or NOT!!! Nathan Peterman? DeShone Kizer? Marcus Mariota? replacing Derek Carr? At least Anthony Gordon is young, with a bright future, not altogether untrainable and simply in need of an opportunity to prove himself and much cheaper than either Peterman, Kizer or Mariota. In my opinion, Anthony Gordon would be an upgrade over Peterman, Kizer or Mariota. Time will tell if any of these three guys are worthy of their salaries.

    1. I liked Gordon coming out. He ain’t afraid to throw the ball. We aren’t good enough defensively (I know, classic understatement).
      Defense has been catastrophically bad for, what, 40 years? Last good defense we had had Howie Long on it.

  2. I have been saying for years that a EAST COAST MAFIA of SORTS has always existed. Everybody saw how CLOSE THAT CART was parked to the field !!

    Raiders organization should start a formal investigation into the driver of that TV CART and press formal charges !!!

  3. How many plays did you see Abrams come up uncontested to make the play on the RB when he broke the 2nd level only to get flat footed and look like a HS safety. I’m very concerned with his play in this game, it should make everyone concerned. He was in position to make a play in at least 3 tackles in the open field and runs around the RB which led to 20+ more yards. That’s not coaching, that’s instincts. I loved this guy in the draft but there is alot of 2nd guessing from him right now at point of attack, and that is EXTREMELY concerning.

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