The NFL Might Be Going After More Money From the Raiders On Another Matter of COVID-19 Protocol

The NFL has already fined the Raiders and Jon Gruden on account of Gruden’s spotty mask-wearing on the sideline of the Saints game. Now the league is reportedly looking into handing down another COVID-related fine from the same game.

According to an ESPN report on Sunday morning, the NFL is currently investigating an unauthorized team employee that may have entered the Raiders locker room following Monday’s win over the Saints.

Considering the league fined the Raiders (and Gruden) $350,000 for an unmasked coach that had just tested negative for the virus, what kind of fine would the NFL hand down for an actual risk that the team might have been exposed to an untested human being?

Based on a complicated formula weighing the risk of coronavirus entering the locker room in this situation versus the risk and penalty of the previous violation, the fine this time around could be a staggering cost…

And you thought the NFL was going to lose money on account of fans not being at stadiums?

Eleventy billion dollars should more than cover the lost revenue.

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