Report: Jon Gruden Ready To Trade “Anybody Who’s Not Nailed Down”

According to an NFL Network report, Raiders’ 2017 first-round pick Gareon Conley is on the trade block… and so is just about everyone else on the roster.

“[The Raiders] have been calling everybody about Karl Joseph, they’ve been trying to trade Amari Cooper, Conley is available,” NFL Network’s Tom Pelissero reported on Saturday. “I had one league executive tell me last night ‘Jon will trade you anybody who’s not nailed down.'”

The trade deadline isn’t for another nine days, but according to this and other reports, the Raiders have been trying to trade Joseph for a while – which is a little surprising considering how bad Reggie Nelson has been. The knock on Joseph has been his abilities in pass coverage, but it’s hard to imagine him being any worse in coverage than what Nelson has been the last two years.

As for Conley, this is the second consecutive coaching staff he’s had difficulty dealing with and if he ends up on another team, hopefully a few more details will surface on his time in Oakland. Something about his attitude or personality must be the problem.

And then there’s Cooper, who the Raiders should maybe hold onto into the offseason. They will probably be able to get the best compensation for him just before the draft or at the beginning of the free agency period in 2019. Ideally, a team would be willing to give up a high pick for Cooper, but that’s probably not coming without a contract extension and Cooper is reportedly looking for his next contract to average at least $15 million per year.

He might get that kind of money from someone, but it’s not going to be Jon Gruden.

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9 thoughts on “Report: Jon Gruden Ready To Trade “Anybody Who’s Not Nailed Down”

  1. Faaaarrrrrttt. Honestly has been what this season has been. Trying to look to the future but these decisions don’t make me optimistic.

  2. Cooper can’t possibly be thinking he’s worth that kind of money. If he does, he’s basing this number on his first 2 years which was 2 years ago. Drops way too many balls and runs way too many lazy routes if he isn’t given the rock early in games to hold his interest. No, he’s not worth a contract like that. Joseph never did turn into the Tazmanian Devil the Raiders thought he would be. Conley hasn’t been given an opportunity to develop. Trading him without knowing what they have in him would be a mistake.

  3. Good luck getting any top-tier free agents to pay in a dysfunctional mess like the Raiders. We’ve been set back to the pre-McKenzie days, with crazy Al Davis making ridiculous moves and drafts. Awesome!

  4. Why didn’t we all see this coming a total tear down of this Raider roster but then again this is John Gruden we are talking about, although the Raider nation remains faithful & optimistic what is to come of this team I’m still clueless. #Raider-4-life

  5. Hmmm, ok, the bye week is now over, and this so called fire sale, everyone getting traded, well so far exactly NOBODY has been! Am I surprised? Lol no. Fake news. Fake news. Fake news. Sports media is going down the same road CNN and the others go down. Just write it, say it, post it, who cares if it’s true. We need ratings and clicks. That’s all this is. Fake news 24/7.

  6. As much as I like Amari Cooper, I dont think he deserves top WR money. Top 10, sure, but that may be considered a stretch with the disappearing acts that tend to happen. I think we could get more for him now, at the trade deadline. Teams on the cusp will be willing ti give up more. If the Raiders chose to wait until the draft, teams will have an opportunity to draft WR’s in later rounds and will pass on the high price tag.

    Overall though, what a disappointing season. What a disappointing start with Gruden. For everyone that has waited with me through the last two decades, I guess we can have hope in two years. When their wins will be celebrated in a different city. Raider Nation is strong and everywhere, but Oakland deserves more than this slap in the face.

  7. The problem is is Gruden, has never built a defense he won a Super Bowl with Tony dungy’s defense. He should let his Personnel people do that and you shouldn’t just coach he’s already screwed up by trading Mac away

  8. Gruden is turning out to be a joke. You want to see Carr and Cooper flourish? Bring in a real OC. Shore up the protection on the line. Develope Conley instead of giving him away. Joseph is stuck in the wrong safety position.
    If you want to trade Irvin thats fine with me. Without Mack he isnt good enough to get his own sacks and much pressure. He needs another talented bookend. Key wont be there for a couple of years. Since this season is a wash I would like to see some player development instead of shipping all your recent high picks off to other teams for chump change. I think other teams GM’s now look at us like diots whose pockets can be picked for cheap. MD better worry because Vegas likes winners. He wont be able to get good attendance unless they can at least compete every year.

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