Report: Khalil Mack Extension Only A Matter Of Time

According to Raiders voice Greg Papa, the question on Khalil Mack isn’t a matter of “if” the Raiders are going to extend his contract, it’s a matter of “when” they’re going to extend his contract.

”Khalil is not going anywhere,” Papa said Monday on his 95.7 The Game radio show. “They’re going to sign him to a huge deal.”

”He will be the highest paid Raider of all time. I think he’ll get more than Derek [Carr] as far as the guarantees go… they will pay him. They know exactly who Khalil Mack is.”

An NFL Network Report on Tuesday stated that Mack’s new deal will exceed $65 million guaranteed, but Papa believes Mack’s deal will have more than $70 million in guarantees.

Also interesting were Papa’s thoughts on where the challenge may lie before finalizing the new deal – the matter of new money to be added to Mack’s deal this year.

“The only question I would have… will Joel Segal (Mack’s agent) require them to give him new money this year? I would not do that. I don’t know how much room [the Raiders] have in salary cap.”

As for the timing of the negotiations, Carr’s deal didn’t come together until the third week of June so there is a good chance the Raiders will operate along a similar timeline with Mack.

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  1. Greg Papa was the first one reporting about Beast Mode signing last year, so it’s good to know that we won’t be seeing Mack holding out for camp. Sign him by any means. Don’t mind asking Carr to take a pay cut.

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