Report: Teams Believe Raiders Want To Trade Down In The Draft

For all the bold predictions on the Raiders and the 10th overall pick, the most likely scenario might actually be a trade down.

General manager Reggie McKenzie enjoys a good trade down in the draft and according to CBS Sports’ Jason La Canfora, teams around the league expect the Raiders to be interested in moving out of the 10th pick:

“I’ve heard from several teams that the Raiders could be the team to watch regarding upcoming draft trades. While the 10th overall pick isn’t exceedingly valuable in and of itself, given the way this first round is shaping up for quarterbacks it could be a necessary intermediate stop for a team like the Patriots that is trying to get from No. 23 into the top 10 for a passer.”

The Raiders need help at several positions including linebacker, cornerback, defensive tackle, offensive tackle, running back, and edge rusher.

As of now, the Raiders have a total of 11 draft picks, but it sounds like they might be chasing after a few more – and hopefully not lose an opportunity at Roquan Smith or Tremaine Edmunds in the process.

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15 thoughts on “Report: Teams Believe Raiders Want To Trade Down In The Draft

  1. Both of those LBs need DT to protect them. Trade down for McGlinchey, Vea, Payne or Hurst. Extra pick will come in handy for a LB in the 3rd round.

    1. I wouldn’t be surprised to see them go DT in both 1st and 2nd round or first 2 picks if they pick up another first trading down Vea will be gone but players like Payne Hurst and Phillip’s should and could be around

  2. Idk why the media insists on projecting the top ILB prospects to the Raiders simply bc there isn’t a star player there. RM is known for not putting much value on the ILB spot, which should nix the idea of a 1st Rd pick being spent there.

    Add in that RM has already drafted several guys to man the LB spots who haven’t really had a chance to develop, and it seems very unlikely RM jumps for LB.

    Smart money says that RM stays put if Fitz, Chubb, or Ward is still available. The trade down would happen if none of them are, at which point an OT or BPA is in play should the top OT’s be gone.

    MD credits RM’s drafting to the Raiders revival, and believes coaching caused the downturn in ’17 (of which I agree). Many of RM’s “underperforming” draft picks should now be put in position to succeed, so we should get a more accurate assessment of how good his past few drafts actually are.

    I expect this draft to look like an RM draft, bc it is, though with a little more urgency in finding immediate impact players.

    1. Reggie’s new role is to draft the player Jon Gruden wants in his system. Also with guenther we will be running a very similar defense to Cincy and Minnesota. An attacking 4-3 that combines zone and man. So this will be a unique draft. RM has been a mixed bag since he has been our GM. Aside from 2014 he has struggled mightily. Hayden, Calhoun, Ward, Melifonwu (still early), Vanderdos (still early) he has had quite a bit of misses in rds 2-3. These rds are where GMs earn their stripes as impact starters and rotational guys should be found in these rds. Developmental or combine studs like Melifonwu and Ward have not shown any promise yet. So I’d say let’s sit back and see how Gruden orchestrated the draft.

  3. They’re sure as hell not getting Roquan Smith, Tremaine Edmunds or Vita Vea at 23!!!

  4. If we drop out of the top 15 both LBs mentioned will be gone. Vander Esch from Boise St. and Evans from Bama will be mid 1st to early 2nd so they would be the next best thing.

  5. Do we listen to New England or stand pat? can we get there two 1st’s for our 10th? And do we want to move all the way back to 23rd with the issues we have? I don’t know, what do you guys think? Maybe have the Pats throw in a 2nd to? Maybe that’s to steep of an asking price, don’t know, help me out guys & girls!!

  6. We take ward if he is there. Maybe smith. Fitzpatrick for sure. But if there gone then trade patriots for there two first round picks for our ten pick.

    1. I’d do it then grab Payne DT Alabama and Hurst DT Michigan with those 2 and Chubb RB Georgia in 2nd

  7. raiders need impact players and starters not depth and b level players

    no trade raiders are taking vita vea

    watch and learn boys

  8. We have a tremendous amount of needs to fill. As aforementioned LB, Dline, OT, WR, DB, TE, And HB can all use upgrades, depth, or immediate impact starters. I think a lot of teams for the #10 pick will be in play. We could trade with Buffalo, Miami, Baltimore, or AZ. Baltimore and AZ need wr and Oline help. Miami has a ton of needs, and Buffalo needs a qb. Let’s say we swap 1sts and acquire a 2nd rd pick. This would allow us to still land Smith, Edmonds, Vea, Fitzpatrick, And maybe James. With the additional 2nd we could target an OT, DT, HB, or DB depending on what we do with our 1st. I like the idea of going back to 12 still landing our LB and snagging an DT and a HB,OT, or DB with the additional pick. What ya all think?

    1. I don’t know If I like the idea of trading back with NE for the 23-31st pick as many of the impact players will be off the board. In this scenario at 23 we should go Vander-Esch if he is there or Evans. And at 31 go Oliver, Alexander, or Davis DB at 31. Again not a huge fan of this scenario

  9. The Raiders will in fact trade down for both New England picks, their 3rd.

    With the 23rd pick the Raiders select LB
    Leighton Vander Esch
    31st pick: TE Dallas Goedert.
    Note: Considering the offense Gruden wants to run, the Raiders will need much more than Jared Cook and Lee Smith. Will be running 2 and 3 TE sets. Dont hate the messenger

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