Report: Khalil Mack Seeking $22 Million Per Year

One of the best kept secrets throughout Khalil Mack’s contract dispute with the Raiders has been the dollar amount that Mack’s agent is looking for.

On Friday, former NFL executive and NFL Network analyst Michael Lombardi indicated that he has been told Mack is looking for $22 million per year.

For the sake of comparison, Von Miller’s deal is worth $19 million per year (6 years, $114.1 million, $70 million guaranteed) and Derek Carr is making an average of $25 million per year (5 years, $125 million, $70.2 million guaranteed).

Essentially, if Mack is given $22 million per year, his yearly salary would be on par with Aaron Rodgers, but behind nine current quarterback contracts (Ryan, Cousins, Garoppolo, Stafford, Carr, Brees, Luck, Smith, Flacco). He would also be ahead of quarterbacks like Roethlisberger, Wilson, Manning, Rivers, Newton, and Brady.

Mack is currently under on the fifth-year option of his rookie deal and won’t become an unrestricted free agent until next year. By means of the franchise tag, the Raiders could still control his rights for an additional two years.

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12 thoughts on “Report: Khalil Mack Seeking $22 Million Per Year

  1. Judging by how poorly the off-season went, with terrible free agents and one of the worst drafts in NFL history, I have a feeling the Raiders are about to give Mack away for next to nothing. I think Gruden (who is obviously running the GM duties) is probably a good coach, but a horrible GM. He probably believes that Arden Key is going to step in and become Mack… All Pro wrecking ball….. for little money.

  2. Work out a deal, tag him for the next two years if you have to, but don’t trade him.

    I honestly don’t think that McKenzie is too stupid to have prepared for this. He is a master at navigating contracts and moving money around. He has proven that capability.

    Shortly after Mack shows up to the facility he should be getting his new deal. Just like Donald Penn last year. McKenzie isn’t going to negotiate until he shows up.

  3. There are rules and there are exceptions to the rules….If the rule is no negotiation unless the player is present I.e. Donald Penn, Khalil Mack 52 is the exception!!! Pay him…. And you should wash your mouth out with soap for putting Penn and Mack in the same sentence lol

  4. We have to pay the man. If the raiders mess this up (and we all know they will) we will once again be the Laughing stock of the NFL. Plus we will probably make cooper the highest paid wide receiver in the nfl

  5. I guess that I disagree with most others posting here.
    That kind of money is too many eggs in one basket, as great a player as KM is. We have a ni=umber of other players who are going to have to be paid, deservedly in the next few years. We will have our hands tied behind our backs, cap wise, if we meet KM and his agent’s demands. The fact that he is under contract and is holding out is not the best sign that he is a team player; might be bad influence from misheard-a** agent, but it is something of a red flag if he continues to produce and then hold out again when other DE’s get paid leaving him behind in comparison.
    It does appear that we have some legitimate players now on the D- albeit not of KM’s caliber, but we can afford 4 or 5 of them over the next 6 or 7 years rather than put all that cap space into one great player. Plus, we can get something in future draft picks to keep our team fresh, potentially. Trade Mack for the right deal- a 1st and a 3rd…

  6. A first and third? If they trade KM, it better start with 2 firsts and then they can talk position players

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