Report: Khalil Mack Wants To Be Paid Or Traded

According a report on Tuesday morning, Khalil Mack is so frustrated by the lack of progress on a new deal that he either wants to be paid or traded to someone who will pay him.

“As of Monday evening, sources said both sides remained entrenched in the same positions that have contributed to a stalemate in negotiations since February: with the Raiders declining to offer Mack a contract extension and with Mack seeking a long-term deal that would make him the NFL’s highest paid defensive player,” Yahoo Sports’ Charles Robinson reported.

“One source said there have been no meaningful talks between the two sides in months and that the situation has devolved to a deadlocked ‘pay him or trade him’ conversation.”

The Raiders have reportedly been turning down teams interested in trading for Mack, but this is the first time Mack has been said to be considering a clean break from the Raiders.

The report also seemed to indicate that Mack is willing to miss regular season games and the hangup in negotiations is more on Jon Gruden than it is Reggie McKenzie – which might make sense because McKenzie was talking about getting Mack extended a year ago.

Whatever the Raiders plan for Mack, so far they’ve certainly achieved the task of upsetting their team captain and most dominant player – that much is undeniable.

The Raiders seem focused on getting Mack to play out the fifth year of his rookie deal – and from a business standpoint that makes sense. Mack, on the other hand, could lose more than $60 million in guaranteed money if he were to suffer a significant injury before signing a new deal. So it’s easy to see where both sides are coming from.

As of Tuesday, the smart people involved have 13 days to figure it out.

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11 thoughts on “Report: Khalil Mack Wants To Be Paid Or Traded

  1. It’s so frustrating to be a fan of this team. They’ve been my boys since the 1980’s, but this roller coaster of nonsense is beyond ridiculous.

  2. Please, I’m begging you guys….PAY the MAN !!! I have the feeling Gruden is playing the long game and wants draft pics for the leagues best overall defensive player. I believe we are in a “make it, or break it” moment for Gruden. He had better fruitin get it right !

  3. I wish I could say I’m totally shocked and stunned that this is happening. But it’s the Raiders. This organization even under Al Davis (RIP) has treated some it’s stars badly (Marcus Allen) and now Mack. This was a known problem coming in for Gruden. The GM needs to be free to make Final decisions, yes with some respect to the Head Coach, but in the end the General Manager needs to Manage personnel. This front office mess is only alienating a possible HOF player and infuriating a, loyal to a fault, fan base. If I were Reggie I’d sign Mack or walk. This must stop. Mr. Davis make a freaking decision and make it known.

  4. I’m really starting to think the best scenario for both sides is a trade. Mack definitely deserves a pay raise. But how much of one? Should they put him above the whole of team? Personally, I wouldn’t want a player who puts himself above the team. No matter how good that player may be.I love Carr but would have let him walk before giving him a bloated contract. Even if Mack gets exactly what he wants, it’s quite obvious he isn’t interested in winning championships. He’s all about the money. It’s a dangerous game and players need to be taken care of financially, but you can’t tell me Mack cant take very good care of himself with a deal that won’t put the team in hock in the near future. There comes a point when player’s salary demands look more like greed. Mack is a great player but he isn’t more important than the team. Trade him so we can stop worrying about him and get on with the business of building a team.

  5. How can this be smart on any level? There are so many negative consequences to this—plus to me it feels unethical. The rest of the players watch this and think that this is what’s going to happen to them. It’s grossly unfair, bad for morale, and will diminish the Raiders’ performance this year. Emotion counts. Gruden Grinder, indeed.

  6. MORE non-news. EVERYBODY wants to be paid or traded…. in every profession at every job, in every level. Nobody works for free, not even at McD’s. Unless Mack says that he is upset, I don’t buy it. He does have one more year on his contract and if he was forced to play it, all that he would have to do is take out an insurance policy for 90 million against injury and it would cost him less than what the fine for missing ONE preseason game would cost. I think that they were not gong to play him in preseason anyway (see: Carr only played in 13 downs). He’ll be here and both sides already know what they are waiting for AND they get a free evaluation from other teams on what a trade would look like – but won’t happen. I don’t know but NOBODY knows, these stories haven’t changed since January. It’ll get done because a trade would have ALREADY happened if there was one.

  7. There’s a deadline looming and the posturing is getting heated. None of this strikes me as unusual.

  8. If or when the Raiders trade Mack, it could end up being the worst decision the Raiders ever made, including draft J-Rock. 15 years and only 1 winning season, wow! Now, moving to Vegas, how many fans will NOT be in the stands and will change teams. Time will see.

  9. Ridiculous commentary. Stop giving credence to BS reports. Mack going nowhere. Raiders own his ***, like it or not.

  10. What is the hold up either the Raiders pay Mack and get him ready for the opener…..You already know you have a dominant player, even if you pull in multiple draft picks you do not know what those players will bring and then you will either have to pay one of the young d-linemen from this draft class or hope you can find another player even close to what Mack brings. I thought the Raiders slogan is ” Commitment to Excellence”…..sure doesn’t seem like it.

  11. he’s under contract and can be franchised for the next two years. he can want all he wants but thats reality. Ask L. Bell of Pittsburgh

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