Khalil Mack And The Raiders Coming From “Fundamentally Different Leverage Points”

In case you missed it, a Yahoo report on Tuesday morning brought a few new elements on Khalil Mack’s holdout into light – the most noteworthy being that Mack is willing to leave the Raiders if it means he’ll get a new contract.

So a few thoughts on that…

Most of the teams in the league (probably close to all of them) would be willing to give Mack a record-breaking deal. In fact, a dozen teams would reportedly like to sign him to a big contract and give up draft picks in process.

An important note in the Yahoo report indicated that the Raiders and Mack are coming from “fundamentally different leverage points” on Mack’s value. What that probably means is that the sides are so far apart, there simply isn’t much to talk about – which explains the lack of communication. Just a guess, but the Raiders are probably standing on the fact that they essentially already have Mack under contract for three more years with his fifth-year option and consecutive franchise tags.

The Raiders are paying Mack $13.8 million this year on his fifth-year option. The 2019 franchise tag projects to be around $17.5 million and the 2020 franchise tag projects to be around $21 million, according to former agent Joel Corry. That adds up to three years, $52.3 million – or an average of $17.4 million per year. There’s a good chance the Raiders are leaning heavily on these numbers and Mack’s camp is strictly looking at Von Miller’s outdated contract ($19M/year, $70M guaranteed) with the Broncos and demanding more.

It would make sense that those are the leverage points the sides are pointing to – and obviously those numbers are worlds apart.

In the meantime, Mack is utilizing the only leverage he has at his disposal under the current collective bargaining agreement: a holdout.

How long that holdout will last is apparently almost entirely up to Mack and Jon Gruden.

Which of those two do you think will blink first?

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6 thoughts on “Khalil Mack And The Raiders Coming From “Fundamentally Different Leverage Points”

  1. It’s not up to Jon Gruden dumb dumb he’s just the head coachx he has nothing to do with Kahlil Mack’s contract situation. That’s between Mack and Reggie McKenzie. I promise John Gruden has better things to do trying to get this team ready for the season then deal with front office business.

  2. Unfortunately, the Raiders hold all of the cards right now.

    Mack can only protest with his holdout.

    Not the way you should treat a team leader and future walking HOFer. Sets a bad example to the whole team.

    This drama still have so many different ways of unfolding but probably the best news is that Mack and the Raiders have been quiet.

    It is all the media hype and BS that keeps spinning all these stories, trades, blah, blah, blah. Yes there are various different scenarios that can occur, but until then it looks like it will be the Franchise route. Much like L. BELL of the Steelers.

    Day at a time, month at a time and year at a time. Raiders have no cap room at this point to make any moves. Just have to see what changes by next fiscal year.

  3. At what point does he have to show up? If he holds out the entire year, does that mean Raiders own his rights at $13 mil next year? He already lost a year towards FA, so isnt he restricted FA next year no matter what?

  4. I really thought that one of the Gruden’s was smart…but I see that it runs in the family with that other idiot in Washington. What away to set a precedence in your first year…..another stupid to hire someone who thinks they know the game and doesn’t know sh….

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