Report: Marquette King “Not Thrilled” To Be A Denver Bronco

He hasn’t played a game with his new team yet, but Marquette King is already making his presence felt in Denver.

King was known to be a unique character with the Raiders, but on Friday he pulled a stunt with Denver media unlike anything he ever tried in Oakland (he actually treated Oakland media very well).

Speaking with two hosts (former NFL receiver Brandon Stokley and Zach Bye) on Denver’s 104.3 The Fan, King was so dismissive and disinterested in the conversation that another host later questioned whether King even wanted to be with the Broncos, adding that there’s a rumor circulating that King is “not thrilled” to be in Denver.

Among the rude comments from King in the uncomfortable 90-second chat (it surely seemed longer to the hosts) was King saying, “I just don’t like talking about football, really. I just do it.”

King later retreated to his home turf and attacked Darren McKee, the host who questioned King’s enthusiasm for being with the team, via social media. Then on Sunday, King sought out McKee in person and had to be whisked away by Denver’s public relations staff as the interactions apparently escalated.

Safe to say, King probably wouldn’t have meshed well with Jon Gruden, who not only loves football, but loves to talk about it, too.

You can hear the full interview with King here. The fun, or lack thereof, starts around the 4:30 mark.

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5 thoughts on “Report: Marquette King “Not Thrilled” To Be A Denver Bronco

  1. King is a living douche bag and will undoubtedly wear out his welcome in Denver if he hasn’t already.

  2. HA ha! Two years in a row Denver stole a turd from Oakland. And everyone was like” Gruden can’t work with the young players today”. No, he just can’t deal with turds.

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