Report: Martavis Bryant Had “Paperwork Issue” With League Office In April

Based on a report in The Athletic over the weekend, it sounds like we might know what initiated a report in June that Martavis Bryant could be facing another suspension related to the NFL’s substance abuse program.

According to Vic Tacur, Bryant was called to the league office concerning a “paperwork issue” in April – a timeframe that would have been close to when the Raiders gave the Steelers a third-round pick for Bryant. The league hasn’t commented on Bryant’s status and at this point he seems to be in the clear.

What Bryant might want to be concerned about, however, is his status with his head coach. Jon Gruden went out of his way over the weekend to say publicly that Bryant needs to pick up his play on the field.

“He’s got to get out here and play better,” Gruden told members of the media on Saturday. “He’s in a competitive situation. Right now, a lot of the other receivers have had a nice camp. He’s just got to learn the offense. He’s got to stay out here. He’s had some illnesses. He’s got to get on the field. He’s got to master the offense and become more versatile, and that’s the key to making this team better.”

With Amari Cooper and Jordy Nelson not likely to spend a lot of time on the sideline, Bryant was already in a battle to get on the field. After Gruden’s comments, it will be interesting to see how the Raiders’ timeshare at wide receiver sorts out because Ryan Switzer is already making an strong positive impression on the coaching staff.

And one other note – actually more of a prediction of sorts. There has been plenty of buzz around Cooper finally having a breakout season under Gruden and that may very well happen, but if fantasy football is your thing, don’t sleep on Nelson. For reasons unknown, Derek Carr always seemed to have better chemistry on the field with Michael Crabtree (other than the 2-3 blowup games Cooper seems to have every year) and it will be interesting to see if that dynamic carries over to Nelson, who is still one of the most reliable wide receivers in the league.

So here’s an early August guess as to who will lead the Raiders in receptions and touchdowns in 2018…

Jordy Nelson.

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