Report: NaVorro Bowman Still On Raiders Radar

When it was announced that Derrick Johnson signed with the Raiders, it looked like the door was closing on a potential return to Oakland for NaVorro Bowman.

That may not be the case.

According to Steve Corkran, writing for his new website, Bowman is still on Jon Gruden’s radar.

“The only linebacker on Gruden’s radar right now is NaVorro Bowman,” Corkran wrote on Thursday.

“But there’s no longer as much urgency, given the Derrick Johnson signing. Gruden still could add Bowman before the season starts, and there’s no rush. He might opt to wait and see if the price drops and whether there’s an injury to a player on the roster right now.”

Considering Bowman balked at the Raiders best offer a week ago, it doesn’t seem any more likely that he would cave now that Johnson is in the mix.

Obviously, the Raiders have even less reason to move from their offer, but it is interesting that the Raiders still are considering Bowman an option.

For now, it looks like Bowman probably overplayed his hand a bit with the Raiders and lost an opportunity be the uncontested starter.

The best move for him moving forward is probably to join a linebacker needy team in July or August when injuries start popping up again.

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8 thoughts on “Report: NaVorro Bowman Still On Raiders Radar

  1. Bowman was our best ILB in years last season. Anyone who didn’t realize the impact he had wasn’t paying attention. I’d like to see him resign with RAIDERS. Hellz yes.

  2. Bowman in the middle Johnson strong side and Key weakside LBs would have solid core. Just need the secondary to step up…last yr we took step back this yr we’re taking two steps forward… RAIDERNATION !!! ☠️

  3. I’m surprised Bowman doesn’t have more market value. Showed he can still play and lead. Guess his injury history is scaring teams off. I thought some team would give him something approaching the $7M per year he wants but obviously I am wrong so far…not like it’s the first time I’ve been wrong

    hopefully Raiders get him back cheap

  4. Key will be an edge or DE, not a LB. I don’t know why people want Bowman so much when he is a 2 downs LB who will be pulled on passing downs.

  5. Bowman was a beast and a good leader add him or rotate him with Johnson Irvin Mac key and hurst looks like old nasty punch you I’m the mouth raiders

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