Derrick Johnson Had 3-4 Offers But Raiders Had A Plan

Derrick Johnson is getting up in age and when the Chiefs chose not to re-sign him after the season, his market in free agency was difficult to predict.

As it turns out, his market wasn’t completely dry.

“I had a few other offers,” Johnson said Wednesday on NFL Network. “Maybe 3-4 other teams, but the biggest thing was the Raiders had more of a plan for me. At this age when you have a plan for a guy that’s 35 years-old, that’s an opportunity that you have to look into more…”

As much as anything, it sounds like the Raiders might have been the only team offering Johnson an opportunity at significant playing time – which shouldn’t come as a surprise since the Raiders might be the only team in the league that didn’t have a starting middle linebacker as of last week.

That sounds bad, but last year the Raiders didn’t have a middle linebacker until week 7 – so this year is off to a much better start and Johnson should be an upgrade over NaVorro Bowman in coverage.

For what it’s worth, Johnson seems particularly enthusiastic about his role in Paul Guenther’s defense:

“We went over all the plays, went over the defensive scheme, the 4-3 scheme, and trust me (with a smile) I’ll fit well in the silver and black.”

The full interview interview is below…

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