Report: No Failed Or Missed Drug Test For Martavis Bryant

With six weeks until football gets underway again, the question on the mind of every Raider fan right now revolves around the status of Martavis Bryant.

A report in the Las Vegas Review-Journal last week hinted that Bryant may soon face another round of league discipline for a substance abuse-related infraction.

Now a Wednesday report in The Athletic is kindly suggesting the LV Review-Journal story may be a lot less “story” and a lot more click bait.

“It’s the dead time,” The Athletic’s Vic Tafur said of the current lull in football activity. “Raiders players and coaches are getting to know their families again and taking some time off before training camp starts in five weeks. There will still be click-bait (more on the Martavis Bryant rumor in a bit) and predictions…”

More importantly, it sounds like Bryant may not have failed a drug test in the first place.

“I am told [Bryant] did not fail a drug test or miss a test for that matter,” Tafur said in the same story linked above.

Click bait or not, it at least sounds like there may not be much of a case against Bryant – or at the very least his situation (if there is one) might be one that is cleared up quickly.

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3 thoughts on “Report: No Failed Or Missed Drug Test For Martavis Bryant

  1. This is basically insurance and competition. You better believe AC understands he is playing for 5th year 13.9$ mil option they took out on him but only guaranteed if he’s injured. If Bryant Balls out this year and goes for 1000+ and AC doesn’t, Bryant will get the contract. That said Amari is going to destroy the NFL as well Bryant and it could be Jordy on cut line. We can’t afford all 3 next year so this is basically a tryout year.

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