Raiders May Be Inclined To Ask Donald Penn To Take Last-Minute Paycut

The Raiders weren’t happy when Donald Penn chose to hold out of training camp last year.

As fate would have it, general manager Reggie McKenzie has a real opportunity to pull a similar stunt on Penn this year – and much like Penn’s holdout last year, timing will be everything.

If Penn is able to start 16 games next year, he stands to be paid more than $8.5 million. With $3 million of that guaranteed, the Raiders could save about $5.5 million by cutting him.

The question the Raiders will ask is, will there be a point just before the start of regular season where no one will be willing to write Penn a $5.5 million check?

In all likelihood, no team will be looking to sign a 35 year-old left tackle just days before the season opener – especially for $5.5 million.

And that’s why the Raiders could very well present Penn with an ultimatum (take a pay cut or get cut) just days before the season opener. Given his age, Penn would be taking a huge risk by hitting free agency so late and for that reason, he might begrudgingly choose to accept a pay cut from the Raiders.

The determining factor to it all will come down to Kolton Miller and his ability to compete for Penn’s job. If Miller makes any reasonable case for the job, it’s hard to imagine the Raiders will pass on the opportunity to put the squeeze on Penn – just the way he did it to them last year.

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13 thoughts on “Raiders May Be Inclined To Ask Donald Penn To Take Last-Minute Paycut

  1. Lol – would be comedy in its purest, justice well served. But RM & JG don’t seem to operate that way… at least up until now.

    1. Yes I agree with you, first they didn’t cut beast mode and then gave him a raise, Roberts was held onto guarantee his 4.5 mil even though they wanted to trade him….gave Breno Giacomini 3$(1$ guaranteed)…held onto Cook. The only ones they playing hardball with is Bowman lol…(well can’t say for sure maybe Bowman’s being unreasonable)

  2. One good turn deserves another. I didn’t like how he came in late last year but I’m not mad he got his money. Get it while you can. It won’t last forever. But when the shoe is on the other foot, the same thing that makes you laugh, will make you cry. It aint no fun when the rabbit’s got the gun. Now the Raiders have the leverage & Penn can’t do anything but be all he can be. If he doesn’t get right & prove to be the asset he can be, there’ll be a roster spot open & we’ll have Navarro Bowman money. Karma’s a bitch!!!

  3. Must be slow season for real news. I don’t understand, if someone going to be writing make believe to pass as a sports article, that writer has to make up nonsense like Pen is leaving. This is similar to the “Martavis is getting suspended” articles I was reading two weeks ago. Ef these hater beat reporters. Last time I click on the magical, diamond pooping unicorn articles. Everyone know unicorns sh*t gold bricks

  4. There could be some headache’s with starting Miller but he’ll learn on the fly and just pray he dosent get Carr hurt or then we’re in real trouble, I’m for the youngster and What Penn did last year was troubling Putting the squeeze on us, well he won’t be squeezing anyone this year, and believe me the front office hasn’t forgot what he did, not saying he didn’t deserve better money being a left tackle but instead of holding out maybe he could’ve had a sit down with Reggie and worked something out, hoping for the best!!!

  5. I doubt the Raiders will do anything about Penn this year. I’d guess he’ll be the starting left tackle and get his full pay.

    Next year on the other hand is a completely different story. What we see from Miller in 2018 will determine what happens with Penn for 2019.

  6. A yeah, no. Penn is still a solid LT. If we did that, Penn would be knocking on John Elway’s door a minute later. He’s a guy who could solidify Dungver’s line, he’s also the kind of guy who wouldn’t mind doing it against someone who offended him. His sitting out last year and removing everything Raider from his Facebook should tell you everything you need to know about Penn.

  7. I hope they do. I thought it was BS when Penn held out last year when he already had a deal. Whenever someone does that they’re much more concerned with the money than their game and it showed during the season. He was weak sauce. If the player can go back an renegotiate a deal after a good year, the team should be able to go back and renegotiate a deal after a bad year.

    1. Miller gets injured game 1….would be nice to still have Penn….luxary at off line during a hopeful 19-20 game season is very good. Hell, even if both rookies started and Penn was relegated to jumbo packages he is worth keeping.

  8. Miller’s progression has been lauded by the coaching staff but we won’t know for sure how good he is until he matches up against top notch edge rushers. Even if he manages to supplant Penn, they’d be wise to keep Penn around. If this kid can’t block Von Miller or Joey Bosa, Carr will be in for another long and painful season. Cutting Penn’s pay is one thing. Cutting HIM is another altogether and probably wouldn’t be the smartest move.

  9. Lol if HE doesn’t separate? Why are we acting like Kolton Miller is a pro bowl LT already or anything close before pads have even come on? Can he even handle Bruce Irvin? Let’s not get too high on the rookie and end up with 2 holes at tackle. I’ll take Penn at 37-38 and bet he’ll still be an above average starter if healthy in this league.

  10. Yeah, because it makes a lot of sense to low-ball Carr’s blindside protector for the last few years. Pay the man his $, he has more than earned it !

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