Report: Only Gruden And Mayock Know The Raiders Draft Plans

There has been a lot of buzz around what the Raiders have been linked to a lot of players, but according to ProFootballTalk’s Mike Florio, there are only two people in the Raiders building who know what the team is thinking.

“Per a league source, only coach Jon Gruden and G.M. Mike Mayock know what the Raiders may be doing tonight,” Florio reported on Thursday. “Everyone else who is still in the building simply hasn’t been told anything about the team’s plans.”

The Raiders decision to dismiss their scouts last week was met with a fair amount of scrutiny, but the result might be the most air-tight draft room the team has enjoyed in years. Add that to the fact that everyone knows how unpredictable Jon Gruden can be and the Raiders might be the ultimate wild card tonight.

What is interesting is that despite the new super-secret dynamic in Oakland, there has been more than enough information about the Raiders draft board making the rounds.

Soon enough we’ll find out how many of those reports were actually true.

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3 thoughts on “Report: Only Gruden And Mayock Know The Raiders Draft Plans

  1. Jon’s 10 years contract withstanding, this weeks draft will set his legacy. After trading away (2) young, multi-Pro Bowl players, for Draft Capital, the pressure on he and Mayock, to hit on their first (4) selections, is immense. With 4 selections in the first 35, they have the opportunity of owning the weekend………or flopping tremendously. With Mayock in the fold, I have confidence that he has a strong enough personality and conviction in his player assessments, to be a voice of reason/sounding board, to keep Jon in check. While I pined for years to have Jon come back and coach this team, I definitely didn’t want him making player personnel decisions, as his history in Tampa Bay is documented that picking players isn’t his strength.

  2. I sure hope Mayock &Gruden found the players that love the game and want to be Raiders till death. The picks on day one were to put it mildly baffling! I would much rather have Al Davis sittin there with 3 no 1s.

    1. Al was definitely a deserved HOF’r, for his accomplishments during the 1960’s thru the early 80’s, but no one was as bad at drafting/player personnel decisions, as Al Davis, during the last 25+ years of his life: Since their final SB win in 1983, thru 2010, how many of his 1st rd draft picks, played in more than 1 Pro Bowl……just (4). Tim Brown, Terry McDaniel, Charles Woodson, and Nnamdi Asomugha. Do you want me to list the other (21) 1st rd draft picks that didn’t? 🙂

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