Report: Owner Still Don’t Want Raiders In Los Angeles

Momentum is shifting towards a Rams/Chargers partnership in Los Angeles, according to Bleacher Report’s Jason Cole.

While Chargers owner Dean Spanos has been leading the way in support from other owners for a while, Cole’s report suggests the Rams, behind Stan Kroenke’s deep pockets, are the current favorite to join the Chargers in Los Angeles.

Among the problems for the Raiders, according to Cole, is that a number of owners simply don’t want Mark Davis in Los Angeles. “There’s a lot of anti-Raider sentiment among owners at this point and time,” Cole said, adding that many owners “don’t want to see the Raiders in Los Angeles.”

The good news for the team left out of Los Angeles? The resolution will grant the ‘loser’ significantly more money to build in their current market. For the Raiders, the biggest hurdle to building in Oakland has been money. From the beginning, Davis has been the owner most interested in staying put (albeit that’s not saying much) and it’s starting to look like that’s exactly how this will play out.

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