Report: People Around the League Expect Nelson Agholor to Return to the Raiders

Raiders GM Mike Mayock spoke with members of the media this week and he gave one of the most flattering reviews he has given a player (Nelson Agholor) since joining the Raiders two years ago.

After a career year in 2020, the 27 year-old Agholor will have suitors in free agency, but it sounds like the Raiders are still considered by many to be the favorites to sign him.

“I know that around the league, I’m not reporting that it’s done, people still expect [Agholor] to sign with the Raiders for around two years, $15 million,” Sports Illustrated’s Hondo Carpenter told the Clay and Pritch Morning Show on Friday.

Carpenter took some criticism a few weeks ago for reporting that he was hearing a two-year, $15 million deal was probably what was coming for Agholor. But it sounds like that is still what he is hearing.

In the case that Agholor does find a better deal elsewhere, look for Gruden to be aggressive in finding his replacement. A number of reports have hinted that Gruden isn’t planning to turn over the starting jobs to sophomore receivers Henry Ruggs III and Bryan Edwards – which makes sense since they combined for only 37 receptions last year.

Gruden might be unpredictable, but starting a pair of second-year receivers in a pivotal year is about the last thing we should expect from him… other than maybe a kind word for NFL officiating.

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6 thoughts on “Report: People Around the League Expect Nelson Agholor to Return to the Raiders

  1. It’s either Agholor or Schuster in my opinion who the Raiders should sign! I hear talk about AJ Green as a possibility and he wants to sign with Vegas but I think he’s on the back end of his career and injury prone at this stage of it

  2. Its the chemistry between professionals/ veterans that allows an individuals talents to shine. If Mr.Agholor had signed with some other team last year, would his market value be what it is today? Would he have had the same success as he had with DC & the Raiders? If Agholor wants to win he will re-sign and stay on course towards greatness. No matter what we offer

  3. I really hope we sign Agholor. He’s been the most productive free agent since Crabtree, He is also a long threat. I would think that w/a year under his belt w/Carr, they could be even better. Hopefully last years rookies will be even better this next year and then all will benefit. Honestly, I thought Rugs was open often, but I guess Carr just didn’t have he confidence in him yet. Hopefully Edwards will stay healthy.
    I just really appreciate Agholor’s desire & attitude. I’m surprised that he was criticized so much for addressing the team w/anger for lack of effort. When Crabtree would address the team, then it was OK, because of his supposed will to win. Getting kicked out of games when you team needs you is selfish (Crabtree).
    Up to this point the young receivers have had nothing but positive things to say about Agholor.
    Bring him back!

  4. Gruden needs to be muzzled on roster decisions.

    He has a below average ability when it comes to talent evaluation.

    Gruden is gonna run this team into the ground an intervention from Mark Davis needs to happen.

  5. Definitely Bring Him Back at 3 Years 21 Million
    Also Inganito Looking Like we are Going Young on Our OL. Great Vet Unlike Witten Signing

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