Mike Mayock Made it Clear The Raiders Want to Bring Back Nelson Agholor

It’s been no secret of late that the Raiders want to bring back wide receiver Nelson Agholor. A Las Vegas Review-Journal report called his return “a priority” and a number of other reports have passed along similar sentiments.

Raiders GM Mike Mayock talked about Agholor on Wednesday and offered a huge endorsement for the soon-to-be free agent wide receiver. It was a review as glowing as any Mayock has given since joining the Raiders two years ago.

“Nelly is one of my favorite people in the whole world,” Mayock told reporters via Zoom on Wednesday. “When I lived in Philadelphia, I did the Eagles preseason games and Nelly was an Eagle. I was familiar with his work ethic and appreciated him back then. What he brought to the Raiders last year was off the charts. He brought a work ethic, a toughness. He brought the young players along with him and he brought productivity and trust with our quarterback. All of those things he brought, we don’t want to lose. We’d love to have Nelly back. That’s a guy that I can’t tell you how much appreciation I have for.”

For all the talk about Agholor not coming back to the Raiders next season, it’s hard to imagine a better fit for both team and player.

Agholor knows he can produce with Derek Carr in Jon Gruden’s system. And where else can he go next year and be the team’s top wide receiver?

As for the Raiders, they have no business letting anyone outbid them for Agholor. He’s a much-needed veteran in the locker room, a great fit for the offense, has earned the trust of Carr, and he knows Gruden’s system. Why would the Raiders take a chance on what any other receiver might bring to the fold next year?

Maybe something crazy will happen and a team like the Colts might jump in on Agholor, but the Raiders make too much sense to not be considered the favorite to sign him.

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5 thoughts on “Mike Mayock Made it Clear The Raiders Want to Bring Back Nelson Agholor

  1. Maybe,just,Maybe Nelson will look at what opportunities as a receiver and the chemistry he has with Derek and weigh that to how much money does he need to be payed to find that with someone else.I personally don’t think he will find that anywhere else no matter how much money he’d make somewhere else. You look good in Silver&Black Nelson,if it ain’t broke don’t fix it PLEASE!

  2. If the pass on Agholor I might not turn my TV on Sundays next season. Please don’t let him go. If we can bring in someone to pair up with him like, say, DeSean Jackson or Alshon Jeffery. Since I believe they are both FAs that would be a freaking awesome acquisition(s). To get them both

    1. He had a rough time in Philly. His dropped passes really put a strain on his relationship there. He was even a healthy scratch for a game or two because concerns over his mental condition. I think having resurgence with the raiders should be appreciated and I hope he works amicably to come to a fair agreement and stays with the team.

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