Report: “Problematic” Agent May Have Cost Reggie Nelson Money

Despite leading the league in interceptions, Reggie Nelson spent nearly a month on the open market before signing a two-year deal with the Raiders in April. What went on during Nelson’s time as a free agent has largely a mystery, but details out of Cincinnati have slowly been trickling in.

According to Bengals radio announcer Dave Lapham, who was a guest on Cincinnati’s ESPN 1530, the Bengals offered Nelson a similar deal on a per-year basis to what was signed by George Iloka.

The biggest issue between Nelson and the Bengals, according to Lapham, was the matter of guaranteed money.

Nelson’s deal with the Raiders is worth to $12 million over two years, but $4.25 million of that money is tied to incentives such as playing time, interceptions, and Pro Bowl appearances.

Lapham believes Nelson lost money when his “problematic” agent and the Bengals could not agree on guaranteed money. Nonetheless, the Bengals stayed in the mix until the end.

What’s interesting is Iloka’s $30 million deal contains only $5 million in guaranteed money.

Nelson’s deal with the Raiders contains $4 million in guaranteed money, but incentives can push the deal up to $12 million over two years. Not bad for safety turning 33 in September.

What the Bengals offered Nelson isn’t known, but assuming it was similar to the Raiders offer, Nelson’s decision is further proof that Oakland is once again a desirable free agent destination.

Only this time around the Raiders aren’t breaking the bank to convince them.

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