JaMarcus Russell Is Willing To Join An NFL Team For Free

Jamarcus Russell wants to be a quarterback again. According to a new Sports Illustrated story, the former first overall pick wrote a letter to every NFL team asking for another chance to play in the NFL.

“When I was initially into the NFL as the Number 1 overall pick there were enormous expectations heaped upon me,” Russell said in the SI report to be released Tuesday. “It did not help that I went to a struggling team that lacked infrastructure and veteran leadership. It also did not help that I was 20 years old and became a millionaire overnight.”

Unfortunately for Russell, the Raiders drafted him when he was 21, not 20 as he states. By the time he ended his rookie holdout and joined the team, he was 22.

But Russell is correct that the Raiders were a struggling team in 2007 – one of the reasons he should have joined the team on time rather than hold out in hopes of becoming a bigger millionaire overnight.

When the Raiders released Russell, he was still 24 – young enough to jumpstart his career with a team not lacking in infrastructure or veteran leadership. Instead, Russell disappeared from the NFL landscape – seemingly satisfied to sloth into obscurity.

It’s possible Russell could find a team interested in signing him for free (as he offered), but until he learns to take full responsibility for his failed opportunity to play football, he shouldn’t hold his breath waiting for a new one.

It’s ironic and a little sad, actually. A man who once refused to play for millions, is now begging to play for free.

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9 thoughts on “JaMarcus Russell Is Willing To Join An NFL Team For Free

  1. Well…I’d be willing to play for an NFL team for free too….doesn’t mean it’s going to happen. haha.

    All jokes aside, I do love a good come back story. If Russell were to come back to the NFL, and be a viable player, I’d be happy for the guy. But let’s be honest, if he REALLY wanted to come back, he’d actually be training and working on his craft. Not just waiting for someone to come around, kick the tires and see if he can still do it.

    Just like when he was drafted, he’s all talk.

  2. At the time ,he was the pick the Raiders had to make. He set them back for the next several years , just started to right the ship last year.

    Stay away from this cancer!!!!

  3. I love the part where he says ” expectations were heaped upon me .” You’re the # 1 pick in the entire draft . Of course there are expectations . Especially if you’re a QB. It gets better though … It didn’t help that he went to a struggling team that lacked veteran leadership ? The struggling teams are the teams that DRAFT FIRST . If he were really as he advertised himself , he would have taken advantage of that situation , put the team on his back and made it HIS team .
    Instead , he held out for more money and showed up to work out of shape and without a work ethic . Next thing you know , Ryan Leaf will be blaming the Chargers for his implosion . Give me a break .

  4. He should play for free for the Raiders since he retired after his big pay day. He can wash the jock straps of those who worked, earned and appreciated the opportunity they were given. Stay home loser..you had your chance and blew it

  5. Raiders didn’t shive those cheeseburgers down his throat. Some accountability please. They didn’t give him that God awful necklace of himself either

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