Report: Raiders And Martavis Bryant Have Heard Nothing, Not Expecting A Suspension

It’s been over a month since a Las Vegas Review-Journal report hinted that the NFL could be preparing to drop another suspension on Martavis Bryant.

In the five weeks since the report, information has been scarce. A story in the days after in The Athletic’s Vic Tafur came close to calling the rumor “click bait,” but NFL Network’s Ian Rapoport seemed to believe there was an issue of some kind.

Nevertheless, a number of reports have indicated that Bryant has not failed or missed a drug test and a report on Friday said Bryant still knows nothing.

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“The Oakland Raiders and wide receiver Martavis Bryant are operating as if he will be able to practice without a suspension looming… Bryant has not been told of any wrongdoing in the five weeks since a report surfaced that the Raiders feared a suspension loomed for the receiver, who the team acquired in an April trade with Pittsburgh for a third-round pick. Bryant is operating under the belief that he has complied with all rules of his participation in the NFL’s substance-abuse program. He is tested several times a month.”

Outside of drug tests, the NFL also requires Bryant to meet with a substance abuse professional and it’s possible that a move to Oakland in April could have complicated those appointments.

For what it’s worth, it sounds like Bryant is at least off to a great start with the Raiders on the field. Following the final offseason activity, Tafur called Bryant the Raiders most impressive player of the summer.

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1 thought on “Report: Raiders And Martavis Bryant Have Heard Nothing, Not Expecting A Suspension

  1. I think this was nothing more than just fluff to fill the void of the off season. If he was to be suspended for a violation it should have come down by now. I don’t see why the league would drag their feet on a decision like that; but then again, I wouldn’t be surprised either. Let’s see how it all plays out. Hopefully it works ot for the kid.

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