Report: Raiders Believe Le’Veon Bell Wants To Wear Silver And Black

The Le’Veon Bell story took a strange turn on Tuesday. After days of nonstop speculation and rumors about where the former Steelers running back was going to land, suddenly everything went quiet this afternoon while it feels like the Jets are patiently waiting at the dinner table for their date to arrive.

Unfortunately for the Jets, it could be that Bell has a destination in mind and the gang green pastures of New York City aren’t it.

According to Jerry McDonald of the Mercury News, the Raiders believe Bell wants to play with Derek Carr and former teammate Antonio Brown.

As for the Jets? Not so much maybe.

“The Raiders were under the impression Tuesday that the former Steelers running back would like to join Pittsburgh teammate Antonio Brown and play in silver in black,” McDonald said on Friday evening. “He’s being lobbied by some Raiders players, including pending free agent tackle Trent Brown on Twitter.”

Not saying Bell will end up in Oakland, but there’s something going on here and none of it looks great for the Jets, who are presumed to have shown Bell the best offer to this point. The longer the process drags along, chances are growing that the Raiders will swoop in and make another massive wave in free agency.

twitter: @raidersbeat