Report: Raiders Coaches Getting “A Little Frustrated” That Trent Brown is Still Sidelined

Trent Brown is technically the highest paid player on the Raiders (his base salary this year actually tops Derek Carr), but to this point he hasn’t been on the field much during training camp.

Whether it’s injury, or conditioning, or something else that’s keeping Brown off the field, no one seems to know. The few who do know don’t seem to be talking – but might be starting to get a little antsy themselves.

“The offensive line is back intact,” Tafur wrote on Monday from Raiders camp. “Though coaches are getting a little frustrated that right tackle Trent Brown is not practicing yet (he is working with trainers and posted Instagram videos from practice at the new stadium last Friday) — and seems poised to open up some big holes for Josh Jacobs, Jalen Richard and Alec Ingold.”

In his short time with the Raiders, Brown has proven to be worth his big deal. But injuries have been an issue. He missed five games last year due to injury and hasn’t been healthy enough to practice with the season opener now only 20 days away.

Whatever is going on with Brown, the team has been dropping hints that he is expected to be fine.

Hopefully that will prove to be the case.

But after last year’s training camp, it’s fair for Raider fans to have a little caution mixed in with the optimism. Based the yesterday’s the report in The Athletic, some of the coaches are applying a little caution to their optimism, too.

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13 thoughts on “Report: Raiders Coaches Getting “A Little Frustrated” That Trent Brown is Still Sidelined

  1. Tyrell should take the surgery, get 100 per cent than come back. A WR with a tear in his shoulder is disaster written all over it.

    1. History of injuries at his price…. he knows hes playing for a new contract somewhere else next year

  2. Brown needs to get his fat lazy *** on the field and get to work or go get a couple box’s of ho hos and give the money back and move on fat boy you can be replaced

    1. glad I’m not the only fan to think he’s gaming the team & being lazy. He’s over paid .

    2. I agree when I played high school and college football it didn’t matter what kinda condition or health you were in you suited up for practice but then again that was back in the 70’swere players had balls not like now days I have a broken finger nail sorry coach have to take 2-3 weeks off until it heals

    3. Ease up a$$hole. At least he’s not opting out of this year, like some of the millionaire wimps on other teams in the league. And who the f— are you thinking you are? This man could pop your head off without flexing. The man’s going to do what he does, as good or better than anyone else in the league. So put something fat and sweaty in your nut sucker and find another team to troll…Go Raiders!!!

  3. I had optimisism about him when his missed games last year but now I would or would’ve traded him this past season. He ain’t worth the money or trouble.

  4. The Raiders should never ever ever sign anyone with the last name Brown…lol, Antonio Brown.

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