Report: Raiders DE Arden Key “Playing Out of His Mind” In Training Camp

Arden Key… remember him?

Once hopefully touted as the future of the Raiders young pass-rushing group, Key has not yet reached his potential in the NFL and an article on Wednesday even described him as an “afterthought” on the roster.

Alas, it’s sometimes good to seek a second opinion.

According to Sports Illustrated’s Hondo Carpenter, Key looks to be back to full strength and is having an outstanding training camp.

“Arden Key is playing out of his mind,” Carpenter wrote on Wednesday. “He is flourishing under Rod Marinelli. He listens, gives 100% effort, and doesn’t repeat mistakes. He is playing like a starter. Will he? Who knows, but he is playing with confidence and looks agile, hostile, and mobile.”

For what it’s worth, Carpenter isn’t the only insider at Raiders camp speaking highly of Key.

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Three quick observations: Arden Key explosive, is having a very good week at camp; Erik Harris with the pancake of Lynn Bowden Jr., who definitely needs to work on his pass blocking; Bryan Edwards continues to look like a veteran (he and Ruggs have been impressive). #Raiders


The Raiders have reportedly been mulling the idea of adding another pass rush either through free agency or a trade.

If Key is improving the way it sounds like he is, it would surely affect how aggressive the Raiders will be in adding another pass rusher… like, say, Jadeveon Clowney or Yannick Ngakoue.

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3 thoughts on “Report: Raiders DE Arden Key “Playing Out of His Mind” In Training Camp

  1. Please man really? Key is going to get cut O.k., let me help you look under the hood and understand football roster mechanics all right;

    Key will be cut because he is too light in the pants and does not have the build to last, he is not durable.

    A good coach will take his most aggressive players and let them loose on a QB and that is not Key kid.

    Key will get cut because he is a great practice player that does not translate when it counts.

    Key is a good athlete, a bad football player. Give me a great football player over an athlete every time and we will collect rings like the Patzies of Boston.

    You need to know how to read a roster and where to look, right now that is at WeakSide Linebacker where Morrow is not going to be here tomorrow like Key who is getting cut guaranteed.

    Keep trying, keep writing.


  2. Key had back to back games with sacks last year before his injury, in a session where we vied for the playoffs.

    He’s our 2nd or 3rd best pass rusher at DE and is making peanuts. Don’t sell stocks at their lower points.

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