Clowney Reportedly Will Take $15 Million, But is Ngakoue the Better Option for the Raiders?

Yannick Ngakoue or Jadeveon Clowney?

That’s the hypothetical question Raider fans are asking right now and presumably what team executives have been mulling over for a while, as well.

By now, you probably know the stakes. Ngakoue, 25, would cost at least a third-round pick and need to be signed to a new long-term deal most likely in the ballpark of $20 million per year.

Clowney, 27, wouldn’t require a draft pick, but he comes with a little more risk (primarily in terms of health) and wouldn’t be signing for more than a year or two. NBC Sports’ Peter King said on Wednesday that Clowney wants $15 million per year or “he’s not going to play” this year.

It’s a tough call and the Raiders may choose to pass on both players – especially if Arden Key continues to have a strong training camp. As far as the fan opinion goes, it seems like social media is split on which player (or neither player) would make the most sense for the Raiders.

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The longer there is no movement with either player, it stands to reason that the trade value (in Ngakoue’s case) and yearly salary (in Clowney’s case) will slowly drop. The Jaguars seem to be leaking the rumor that they’ve been offered a second-round pick from the Jets for Ngakoue and if Clowney is willing to take $15 million per year, that’s less than the $17 million per year he reportedly wanted a week ago.

Whatever the case, things better fall into place soon if something is going to happen. Neither player is Khalil Mack and there’s no guarantee that a team is going to become desperate right before the season opener.

Guess we have no choice but to stay tuned…

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3 thoughts on “Clowney Reportedly Will Take $15 Million, But is Ngakoue the Better Option for the Raiders?

  1. stay away from both of them an see how the new guys look for this year with the health issues and the team moving to a whole new atmasphere let this year take care of itself an raiders in2021 will kick ***

  2. Jax resident & been a Jags fan since we got them 20 some years ago. Ima keep it real with Raider nation! I wish someone would give us a 2nd round pic for his won’t play the run a$$ & he has shown he can if he wants too. Yan is a beast of a pass rusher & a flat out play maker on D. His stat line from last year shows that. After his 41 tackle & 8 sacks look at how disruptive he was at causing fumbles & recovering fumbles. Even returning an int. for a pic 6 as a D line man. Not the 1st time that has happen in the NFL, but plays like that is what Jags fan has grown use to seeing Yan make. With that said me & a lot of people here in Jacksonville are ready to move on from players that Tom Coughlin has tainted with his oppressive ways. I knew Tom would be a serious issue with our player from the instant I heard Shad Khan hired him to be the V.P. for player personnel. If this was the year 1845 I see oh Tommy boy as a…..lets us the term Plantation owner. Im getting off track aren’t I, my bad! I couldn’t help but express my disapproval over the well documented bigotry of one Mr. Tom Coughlin, freaking embarrassing. There saying Yan’s new agent & Coughlin in permanent retirement that there is a slim chance we get him to stay long term. Great, but not at 20 million a year. Yan is a awesome player & from what I understand he isn’t a locker room cancer. Probably shouldn’t have called Tony Khan a clown over social media, but its not like he attacked any women or moving truck drivers. My apologys over the whole A.B. thing you guys had to endure. I gotta say, I seen that coming from here in Jax. Fl. I thought he would at least last till the move to Vegas, lol. Right, off the subject again. If you guys can get Yan for a 3rd & can sign him to a long term deal you absolutely should. A change of scenery is exactly what the young man needs. I feel like he is worth a low 1st or 2nd, but that’s only cause I know the kind of game changer he is on Defense. I would be satisfied with a high 3rd round pick for him. That’s the round we drafted him in, but im sure you guys already know that. Hey! Clowney at 15 million a year doesn’t sound too bad either. If I was Raider nation I would make a play for both & hope to come out with either or. But that’s just this 1 football fans opinion.
    GO JAGS/RAIDERS!!!#####

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