Report: Raiders Expected To Make A Run At Antonio Brown

It’s the time of year when speculation is running wild in the NFL and the Raiders, as you might expect, are again being linked to the top wide receiver on the trade market: Antonio Brown.

The latest conjecture on Brown and the Raiders comes from respected draft analyst Tony Pauline.

“Strong speculation is that the Oakland Raiders will be in the mix for Antonio Brown when talks on trading the receiver are narrowed down,” Pauline reported on Thursday. “The Raiders need a receiver — we had the team selecting D.K. Metcalf in our most recent mock draft — and they have a boatload of picks in April’s draft to use as ammunition.”

Considering the eventful last few months that Brown has delivered to the Steelers, he will undoubtedly be in a different uniform next year. The Steelers continue to say they won’t be handing out any bargains, but with very little leverage in the matter (Brown in an ongoing problem for the team at this point), Pittsburgh will eventually cave to the best trade offer they get – whatever that may be.

Brown is rumored to want more money from his new team, but that may not necessarily be the case, according to NFL insider Jay Glazer.

”There are mixed signals being put out there that Antonio may want a new contract and others are telling me it’s nkt as much about the contract, he just wants some of his base salary moved up to guaranteed money.” Glazer wrote for The Athletic this week.

”The other obstacle is because there’s so much drama surounding him and the Steelers, other teams are hoping that can get Antonio for much cheaper than what the Steelers are willing to give him up for. That’s s huge part of this. Teams think Antonio Brown has pushed himself out if turn in a way where they can nod just steal him. In the end, the Steelers aren’t gong to let that happen either. They are stuck in a tough position.”

One way or another, Jon Gruden is poised to make a strong move for a wide receiver in the weeks ahead. He may show patience with a few voids in the roster, but don’t look for wide receiver to be the position that draws the short stick.

Gruden’s going to go get a wideout. Count on it.

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