Report: Asking Price For Antonio Brown Has Dropped

At this point, there is no question. The Raiders are one of a handful of teams making a push to trade for Antonio Brown and no team in the mix is better equipped to land the disgruntled wide receiver.

According to ESPN’s Adam Schefter, the Steelers were initially wanting more than a first-round pick for Brown, but the asking price has dropped.

The Steelers’ asking price started as a first-round pick and other compensation, but has been reduced to a first-round pick,” Schefter said on Friday. “That doesn’t mean the Steelers will get it in return for Brown, but their goals are now more realistic.”

The Steelers drop in asking price is significant for two reasons. First, it means the Raiders are getting close to their sweet spot for the deal, which some believe to be their second-round pick. Secondly, if Brown’s price has already dropped it means the Steelers want to make a deal soon. They probably want to get a deal done before the start of free agency.

Schefter said the teams that have shown the most interest in trading for Brown are the Titans, Redskins, and Raiders. For what it’s worth, the Redskins and Titans both draft in the top-20 of the first round and the neither have another pick in the top 45. In other words, the Raiders only second-round pick (35 overall), will probably be the pick to watch. For the Steelers, it won’t be worth dropping ten slots in the draft to send Brown to the NFC.

If you’re betting on which team is most likely to land Brown, right now it has to be the Raiders. They have the greatest need at the position and are positioned better in terms of compensation than any of the teams that appear to be interested.

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