Report: Raiders Fined Again, Lose Draft Pick After Failing to Follow COVID-19 Protocol

The Raiders have been shy about sending draft picks for players in recent months, but they are going to lose one anyway.

According to Yahoo Sports’ Charles Robinson, the NFL is dropping the hammer on the Raiders for violations related to Trent Brown’s positive COVID-19 test in October. The NFL is apparently stripping the Raiders of a sixth-round pick and fining (again) both the team ($500,000) and head coach Jon Gruden ($150,000)

It was determined last month that Brown had not been using his tracking device properly while presumably infected with coronavirus.

As of Thursday afternoon, Brown is now back on the team’s COVID-19 list after experiencing additional complications apparently related to the infection he experienced two weeks ago. In between the COVID-19 issues, Brown also received an IV from a team doctor that led to him being hospitalized with air in his blood stream.

Safe to say it’s been a forgettable year so far for Brown.

For what it’s worth, the Titans still have all of their draft picks after players formed illegal practices away from their team facility while the virus was making rounds through the locker room.

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6 thoughts on “Report: Raiders Fined Again, Lose Draft Pick After Failing to Follow COVID-19 Protocol

  1. I really thought the league would finally start cutting us some slack since we’re in a new stadium in a new city. It would only benefit the NFL to have the RAIDERS competitive. We have a huge die-hard fan base and our history shows when were good we contribute some of the most memorable games in the playoffs. Yet they keep sticking it to us . The refs still give us absurd penalties in games and suspensions that are overly harsh…I guess what I’m saying is screw the NFL…go RAIDERS!!!

  2. And honestly I don’t care if they keep screwing us it will make it that much sweeter when we win it all….double F the NFL…go RAIDERS

  3. Stop being ignorant towards COVID. Look around its no joke and we still don’t know much about it.
    We need every pick and then some to become a contender!

  4. What the Hell does Gruden have to say, he pretends to be in charge? Hell for the last 3 years haven’t they given away 4-5 draft pics, I love Mr. Al Davis, Mark, he tries, but Gruden, great with the x and o’s, but he is an idiot with personnel, a baffoon. They give away draft capitol like they are 5 time defending champs. AB, might have been out of their control but come on, one time, ok, draft capitol is EXPENSIVE. Mr. Davis , might it not be time to have a talk with your 100 mil boy ???? And Mr. Mayock also. Gruden is the best offensive coordinator in the game, but a personnel guy he is NOT.
    Mike Feeley

  5. Another way to the RAIDERS that’s ok we’ll get them in the long run…carma a bitch

  6. I want to know why Steelers coach did not get fined and I hope he’s going to file protest against draft pick next year

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