Report: Raiders Had “Humongous Reservations” About Odell Beckham Jr.

After signing DeSean Jackson this week, is there a chance the Raiders might still go after Odell Beckham Jr.?

Anything is possible, but even prior to signing Jackson, it sounds like the Raiders had major concerns about Beckham.

“I know there was humongous reservations with OBJ,” Sports Illustrated’s Hondo Carpenter said Monday on the Morning Tailgate with Clay Baker.

“It didn’t mean OBJ wasn’t going to get looked at, because he was. But DeSean Jackson was the one… they thought could come in and fit [the team] chemistry.”

Of course there are character concerns around Beckham (latest example being his departure from Cleveland), but there are many around the league that believe injuries have hampered Beckham to the point that he physically isn’t the player he was a few years ago.

Whatever the case, we’ll know Tuesday at 4 PM EST if Beckham is claimed off waivers. If not claimed, he will be free to negotiate a new deal with any of the league’s 32 teams.

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60 thoughts on “Report: Raiders Had “Humongous Reservations” About Odell Beckham Jr.

  1. He isn’t gonna come to the raiders.He wants to win.He knows if Derek Carr is the qb there is no chance of that

      1. Odell’s not coming to the Raiders because they don’t want him,all we needed was replacement for Ruggs,and we got the best 1 possible,GO NATION

        1. After everything Raider Nation has just went through, OBJ is the absolute LAST man they need to deal with. 100% would’ve been drama after 2 or 3 games of him not getting the target share he thinks he deserved!

          Smart no-move!
          Meanwhile, Hunter R., Jackson, Waller, Drake, Jacobs & Zay should do just fine. Now let’s get ready to beat KC boys!

        2. Tough 3 game stretch coming up and Carr has to prove his ability to LEAD… Derek’s stats have always looked good but he’s not a winner. Years ago, many compared him to Phillip Rivers. I didn’t like that comparison because Rivers was not a winner… even during the LT, Junior Seau days, Rivers could not win a big game. Carr’s faithful fans look for every excuse to shelter him from criticism. It’s been 9 years. The fumble against the Giants in crunch time was typical Derek Carr… I’ve been a Raiders fan since the age of 6… If Carr does not take us deep in the playoffs… No new contract, he’s gotta go!

          1. “Rivers was not a winner… even during the LT, Junior Seau days, Rivers could not win a big game.”

            Key point – the LT, Junior Seau days…

            Carr’s never had talent like that on his teams. Even this year, as good as we may be, no one’s going to confuse our present talent with LT or Junior Seau.

            Look at Mahomes record with a below-average defense. Carr’s had that his entire career.

            QB is not the problem with the Raiders. Hasn’t been since 2014…

    1. Derek would probably have a better chance of winning games if your wife would stop keeping his receivers up all night long. Or she could at least charge them for her services so they may be less likely to call her all hours of the night!!

      1. I’d like to see you say that to derek’s face . your a typical rude whiny raiders fan who should just shove your head back up your $%^%^^^*%$#$(&>:lol typicall raiders fans who doesn’t have any respect for anyone.
        raiders fans since 1970 .

        1. I like your style raider for life here and Derek is a stud and I believe the raiders will climb to the top go nation

    2. He’s not taking anyone to super bowl He could get on a team that’s going but his presence could be a negative when he’s not getting ball

    3. Hmmm,
      Jason you sound like lots of people when they were asked if Eli could beat Brady in the Super Bowl. Nobody will ever know because on any given Sunday…

    4. Let me guess. A Chiefs fan? Have you watched your boy Mahomes lately? Or just about any of the qbs supposedly much better than Carr. Bwahahaha.

    5. You my friend are a asshat… Carr has had a MVP season and that with all the drama and offensive line problems the raiders have had…

    6. Lmao. See the 5 wins this season and even the previous 2 losses where the offensive line played horrendous.

    7. WTF.He would be the answer for Vagas to make it to the SuperBowl. We would have the best Receiving Cor. IN the AFC.

    8. DC is by far the problem….the problem is consistently have turn around him and Ruggs we’re finally finding their stride….and we don’t need anymore drama!!! Carr spreads the ball around and that would be a problem for OBJ because he’s not getting his…let that cancer go to another team

    9. Here’s clear, cut evidence that frosty flakes sprinkled with bath salts is not a nutrition breakfast

    10. Anyone doubting OBJ is making big mistake…that guy was nothing but class in Cleveland. The one creating the drama and missing wide wide open OBJ, was Baker Mayfield. Being in a highly talented player, I’d be selective.

      1. OJB was a pain in the *** from the Beginning!!!
        Browns Always played better without him.
        Feel sorry for any team that signs him.

    11. Bonehead comment from a bonehead who knows nothing of football!! D. Carr will take us to the playoffs! You can go sit in the corner and eat chalk! Haha

    1. Who can do better mariota? One play half season injured thst gunna help or what bring peterman up from ps. Y’all fake *** raider fans. We wins y’all say he great qb but then we lose and he is garbage. Either stick with the team win lose or tie or kick rocks and go be a bandwagon somewhere else.

      1. Right on cody.. Reading most of these comments these people have no clue..Care isn’t the problem..the offense line is the problem.. when the Raiders win Carr is great when they lose Carr sucks ..1 person doesn’t make a team smh… Raiders fan since 1973 it’s let’s go Raiders not let’s go Carr..OBJ more of a distraction than anything else let someone else have a headache

  2. OBJ does not have character issues, stop spewing nonsense. The young man wants to win, and he wants to be a large part of the success. There is nothing wrong with that because he believes he can still contribute, and for him he refuses to believe the injuries are prohibiting him from being a Pro Bowl WR1.

    1. O.B.J. would be a perfect fit for the Raider Nation He just wants to win. To be a Player not the player he’s a team player that wants to contribute to get to a super bowl contender He don’t want to be super star he already knows it. He will fit perfect with the raiders he’s as good as Riggs but with more experience Thanks Nick Just Win Baby

  3. Carr is not the problem dumbass. Does a 91.9% completion rate against the eagles sound bad? Carr was just being held back by Gruden and never really had a good weapon till Waller.

  4. So why is he following Derek Carr now all if a sudden genius? He may or not get picked up, but he isn’t a Carr hater. Stop speaking for other people you don’t even know.

    1. Give Odell a shot and see what he has and can contribute on the field. Edwards , Jones, and a 34 yr old version of Deshawn Jackson are not #1 wrs. Decent #2’s possibly and renfrow belongs in the slot. Odell would instantly be the #1 starting WR and best on our team even if he has lost a step as long as he is motivated to win plays hard and doest cause drama. If it doesn’t pan out after a few weeks the cut him. Too much of a Low risk high reward situation to pass up at this point. Carr has never had a WR of Odell caliber in his entire career and will not play favorites and freeze him out of the offense (baker mayfield allegedly) if Odell gets open carr will get him the ball. I understand the character concerns but Odell hasn’t done anything in his career remotely close to killing someone going 150 mph drunk or waving machine guns around on social media threatening to kill people. Mark Davis needs to channel his inner Al Davis because we all know Odell would be a Raider no doubt about it if Al was alive. If not watch Belichick sign him and Raiders regret it when he balls out for New England the rest of the season.. or even worse goes to the Cheifs and gives Mahomes another weapon to beat us with.

  5. Gotta be a pure hater or a chief queef, my little pony, or cheating chargette fan. F U☠️RN☠️

  6. He will get the ball if he comes to Las Vegas…carr does spread the ball out to all his players

  7. He OBJ will get the ball coming to the Las Vegas raiders carr always spread the ball to all his offensive players

  8. jason is an idiot carr is one of the best qbs in the league jason go find ya daddy so he can put his hands on ya …..

  9. O.B.J. would be a perfect fit for the Raider Nation He just wants to win. To be a Player not the player he’s a team player that wants to contribute to get to a super bowl contender He don’t want to be super star he already knows it. He will fit perfect with the raiders he’s as good as Riggs but with more experience Thanks Nick Just Win Baby

  10. Raiders are concerned about OBJ injuries but yet DeSean Jackson has missed 24 of 32 games over the past 2 seasons due to a core-muscle injury in 2019 and hamstring and ankle injuries last year. He missed 4 games back in 2018 and has played all 16 in just 2 of 13 NFL seasons.

    Raiders need to take that chance even if it’s for 8-9 games to improve the WR corps. Jones and Edwards aren’t going to get it done and you can’t just rely on Renfrow at WR.

  11. Obviously Jason is an asshole who knows nothing about football… have you ever played, if you did you probably ducked bc you have no knowledge about what your talking about idiot!!.. I am tired of hearing you stupid *** people dis carr.. he has done nothing but to play his *** off under all this adversity, making no excuses by the way.. he is the leader my team and I am glad we have him… go pick another team to open your stupid mouth about… you dumb *** mother ******!!!!

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