Report: Raiders May Be Offered Multiple First-Round Picks For Derek Carr

For about the fourth consecutive year in a row, the trade winds around Derek Carr are blowing hard.

After arguably the best season of his career, the 29 year-old Carr figures to be the centerpiece of Jon Gruden’s offense next year, but according to the Las Vegas Review-Journal’s Vinny Bonsignore, the Raiders are expected to get significant offers for Carr in the weeks ahead.

Bonsignore is reporting that the Colts, Bears, Patriots, Saints, and Washington Football Team are thought to be potential suitors for Carr, with the price tag expected to be as much as two first-round picks.

It probably shouldn’t come as a surprise that teams are willing to give up huge draft capital for proven quarterbacks. The Bears and Football Team both made the playoffs this year, but were no real threat to make a real playoff run because of quarterback play. The Patriots and Colts are also playoff-caliber teams that might only be a quarterback away from a Super Bowl.

Assuming the Raiders don’t trade Carr (Bonsignore hinted that it is unlikely to happen), does the offseason quarterback merry-go-round figure to include a few trade opportunities for Marcus Mariota?

If Matthew Stafford is worth a couple first-round round picks (and Jared Goff), what would Mariota potentially be worth?

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9 thoughts on “Report: Raiders May Be Offered Multiple First-Round Picks For Derek Carr

  1. Are the Raider’s trying to start over and rebuild an offense that has continued to get better and produce? It all starts at the QB position. The QB position requires a lot of development time under Gruden’s system as it does have a higher learning curve. Or are the Raiders feeling good with the offensive part of the puzzle and want to put their effort into strengthening one of the weakest defenses in the league. Seams like a no brainer to me. Keep Carr, push Ruggs, and focus on fixing the defense.

  2. This crap is getting stupid every year we hear this crap leave it alone D.C ain’t going no where

  3. Trading Carr would be a disaster unless Gruden & Mayock can get two first rounders in return or an equitable deal for Deshaun Watson. Short of that, they both should be fired. Carr is not the problem, the defense is. When will they realize a good offense, which they have, and a great defense wins Super Bowls. In my mind, they have one more season to prove themselves or they should be gone.
    Dean Hamilton–a 45 year Raiders fan.

  4. I can’t remember when I’ve ever seen the sports media so against a quarterback. It didn’t start with Gruden becoming the coach it has been going on since day one of Carr being drafted. At first I just thought it’s the usual hatred of the Raiders but this is beyond that. Carr isn’t a bad QB and the media knows it because most articles are just like this one, Carr can lead a team to the Super Bowl just as long as it’s not the Raiders. I still think if Carr were on any other team he’d be praised as one of the top 7 or 8 QB in the league.

  5. “After arguably the best season of his career”
    The best he has had, he has a 42% win average, lost more games than he has won, there is nothing to fawn over Carr, as he is just not elite. Would KC or Green Bay be what they are today if Carr was their QB ?? I hardly thin so. It is always the same old same old comment that next year will be a make or break year or let’s give it another year. Carr will NEVER take them to the promised land. He is just not ruthless enough. He may take them to a wild card game or two, then that’s it. He certainly is not generational like an up and coming draftee Trevor Lawrence. Why not take a the trades for Carr and go fetch TL, play Mariota a great Heisman Trophy Winning QB, while TL learns Gruden’s demonic screeching line gibberish.

  6. Tired of the trade talk. Keep Carr get a defense mostly from free agency. Raiders choices of first round picks leave something to be desired.

  7. I like the idea of the Raiders trading Carr. There not winning with him so its time to move on. The Raiders need to strike while the iron is hot. Look at his win – loss record. They can finally get a good QB in this years draft.

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