What’s Really Going on With the Derek Carr Trade Rumors?

Are the Raiders really taking offers on Derek Carr?

And assuming they are (because you always listen), could the Raiders really get multiple first-round picks for Carr as a report on Tuesday implied?

The original story on Carr’s trade value came from Vinny Bonsignore of the Las Vegas Review-Journal. It’s no secret that Bonsignore is often the mouthpiece of both the Raiders and the Rams. What teams can’t report themselves (“hey, look over here! we’re getting huge trade offers!”), Bonsignore is often the go-to for both teams to drum up buzz.

Last February, Bonsignore hyped up Carr’s trade interest and this year it’s happening again.

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Should be an interesting week in Indianapolis. Growing sense within league is there are NFL teams prepared to inquire with @Raiders about the possibility of trading for Derek Carr.

That’s not to say there isn’t (or wasn’t) a robust trade market for Carr, but the source in this case is noteworthy. Whether the Raiders trade Carr or not, they have every reason to boost his trade stock over the next few weeks and it feels like that might be what is going on now.

For what it’s worth, at least one beat writer covering the team doesn’t seem to be fully on board with what Bonsignore is reporting. Vic Tafur covers the Raiders for The Athletic and posted on Wednesday that Bonsignore’s report “didn’t make a lot of sense.” While Tafur didn’t say specifically what part of the story didn’t make sense, it’s obvious he isn’t buying everything the story is selling.

Using a little common sense, it does add up that Carr probably has a solid trade market and it’s fair to wonder what it would take to pry him away from Jon Gruden. Based on reports that seem to be leaking out of the organization, the Raiders haven’t received a high enough offer yet.

And if Gruden can’t upgrade at quarterback, why make a trade in the first place?

One thing the past few years have taught us is that a stockpile of first-round picks doesn’t automatically translate to success.

Even by trading for an “upgrade” at quarterback, it’s fair to assume that Deshaun Watson without a defense in Las Vegas would do the same that he did in Houston when he didn’t have a defense: LOSE.

So if anything, maybe keep a close eye on the Raiders first-round pick… and what veteran defensive player they might be able to get by trading away their own first-round pick.

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14 thoughts on “What’s Really Going on With the Derek Carr Trade Rumors?

    1. Why would you trade two 1s for Carr when for an additional 1 you could have Watson . The fact the Raiders are trying to move Carr sets of alarm bells

  1. Forget about whether Carr is going to get traded.

    Until the Raiders get a defense, a competent coaching staff and learn how to draft all we’ll get is year after year of frustration. Drafted players don’t live up to expectations and are let go only to succeed on other teams. Then established players that excelled on other teams are brought in and do nothing.

    HELLOOOOO!!!! Something needs to change and change fast. These are not our fathers’ Raiders!!

  2. When your offence averages close to 30 points a game you don’t trade your QB for years we had no QB after Gannon. Now we have a top 10 QB. So please just fix that bullshit defense

  3. Trading Derek Carr would be a mistake. He isn’t the problem in Las Vegas. Get rid of the scouts who keep recommending the wrong defensive players to recruit. Also, it isn’t Derek’s fault when the coach calls 2 runs up the middle without success, then an attempted pass to the short side of the field, then has to either punt or kick a field goal. Or when the coach calls for a field goal on 3rd down in the red zone. Either send in better class, or let Derek call most of his own plays.

  4. Why why why why won’t Chucky give Marcus Mariota a shot?
    He finally got to start a game and nearly win it by himself.
    Get whatever you can for Carr.
    He’s not a winner no matter who you surround him with.
    Forget about Warsin- he’s too expensive.
    They need a healthy O line.
    They have plenty of offensive weapons.
    Give MM the keys, rebuild the D and if Chucky still doesn’t win reaccess.

  5. I’ve said it over an over… If the Raiders trade Derek Carr it will be right in the same realm of what Al Davis did to his team when he traded Jon Gruden! It doesn’t surprise me one bit that teams like the Colts, Patriots, Football Team, 49ers, Jets, Buccaneers and on and on would have an interest in making a deal go down for Carr, so that they themselves could possibly be the next team laughing their way to the next Superbowl! Derek Carr deserves an extension and the Raiders brass need to put their focus on saving their jobs by putting a defense together! Lets put this trade DC4 to sleep for good and talk about building a defense.

  6. Derek Carr should be a Raider for life. He’s only playing at the top of his game. Everyone that doesn’t like him need to stop putting all blame on him for the team’s losses. Build a defense that can compliment the offense and you’ll all see a Lombardi trophy in LV.

  7. DC4 should only get traded if its for Deshaun. Lions got 2 1st round picks for a 33 year old injury prone QB with a bad back. Starting off DC should get a minimum 2 1st round picks along with 2 3rd round picks

  8. After Carr broke had that break in 2016 he was never the same, he was taking off that year and Raiders had a legit SB shot, but after it was something mental with him. It’s time to move on from him, like a seriously injured race horse you don’t put the horse back out there. Not only that but the boneheaded plays by Carr are inexcusable, he is now known as the “End Zone Fumbler” how can he be a top 10 qb? Simple, he isn’t.

    It’s time for the Raiders to move on and maybe trade for DeShaun or give Mariota the reigns or draft a QB. Carr was like when the Raiders had Carson Palmer, that relationship didn’t go anywhere, time to move on. It’s a business and Carr just isn’t good for business as Vince McMahon would say.

  9. Enough of this Carr trading. Let’s start focusing building up the line. Carr is the brain of this team. Besides I named my son Derek.
    #4 letz get it my boy

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