Report: Raiders Monitoring Arden Key After Another Offseason Drop in Weight

Are the Raiders going to be looking hard for another pass rusher in the draft?

On paper, the rookie tandem of Clelin Ferrell and Maxx Crosby seems like a combination that would allow the Raiders to prioritize other positions in the draft, but the team might not see it that way.

“Clelin Ferrell is more of an edge-setting run defender and is not going to have big sack numbers,” Vic Tafur reported on Monday. “And the team is starting to get worried about pass rusher Arden Key, who lost a lot of weight again after last year’s knee surgery.”

What is interesting is that one of the knocks on Key in college was that he let himself get too heavy causing his play to drop in his senior year at LSU. Since coming to the NFL it seems he has mostly had trouble keeping his weight up.

Assuming the Raiders are not comfortable with their edge rushers, just add the position to their list of needs. As of now, there is a good chance the Raiders in 2020 will start three new linebackers, at least one new cornerback (who plays the slot if Joyner moves to safety?), possibly a new safety – and that’s just on the defensive side of the ball.

Everyone knows Jon Gruden won’t sleep at night until he has secured a top wide receiver in the draft. So go ahead and pencil in a receiver with one of those first-round picks… and don’t you wonder which WR that is going to be?

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9 thoughts on “Report: Raiders Monitoring Arden Key After Another Offseason Drop in Weight

  1. Arden Keys weight loss could indicate other things! Could he be on drugs? Purely speculation. But the question must be asked. It could also be for legitimate reasons. But he had a weight issue in college. He gained to much weight. Now he’s having trouble keeping on weight? He came in under weight last year. It’s becoming a problem.

  2. Arden key and pj hall were gambles. They had high risk and high reward potential. I would cut bait on both of them, learn my lesson of overdrafting high risk high reward players and move on. I think the raiders saw a little bit of Aaron Donald in pj hall (LMFAO) and thought they had a steal. And as far as Arden key goes why do you think the other 31 NFL teams wouldn’t touch him? He was once projected to be a 1st Rd pick but everyone (except the raiders) knew the guy wasn’t a player and would end up on the trash heap. CUT BAIT and MOVE ON!

  3. The raiders line is way overweight these guys are too heavy they can’t move back fast enough with the pass rushers these days they need to be 300 lb or less to be mobile and agile fast enough to get back and to block pulling guards and tackles you think cuz the guy weighs 300 something pounds you can’t move him no they run by them cuz they’re too slow getting back

  4. Mike Mayock will correct this issue. At the time it was all Gruden could do so he threw the dice and lost both are ready for the XFL . Lots of lower rounders better look at MAD MAX he was a number 4

  5. For all of you football geniuses that don’t seem to understand how to recover from a knee injury, the best way is to put LESS weight on that injured knee to allow it to RECOVER by being under LESS weight and stress. What a bunch of Moes. I read so many comments from people who don’t give proper consideration to the CONSTANT impacts and STRESS that the bodies of defensive linemen endure EACH and EVERY play. Defensive linemen DO NOT get to take a play off. Defensive linemen have VIOLENT and BONE CRUSHING CONTACT EVERY PLAY. Any orthopedist would tell any one recovering from a knee injury to continue to work on rehabilitation but not under extreme stress in order to allow the knee it’s best potential to repair itself. What Arden Key may give the Raider, in the future, is anyone’s guess but if he doesn’t recover properly it won’t be anything. Now, as for the other people who commented about Arden Key, where were you when Tom Brady was drafted 199th? Other than Belichik, NO ONE saw any serious upside to Tom Brady. If any other team had, he wouldn’t have “lasted” until pick number 199. Talk about taking a gamble with a low probability of risk versus reward. I can assure you that there are probably more players drafted at 199th that are selling used cars NOW. Get a football acumen before opening your mouths.

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