ESPN Insider Says Raiders and Titans are Favorites to Sign Tom Brady

According to a report in the Boston Globe, the three teams “most likely” to make a run at Tom Brady are the Raiders, Chargers, and Buccaneers.

The same report also talked about the unique position Brady has put himself in… and the leverage he and his agent have been working to create.

“Brady is set to be an unrestricted free agent for the first time in his career, and boy, does he seem to be enjoying the power that comes with it,” The Boston Globe’s Ben Volin reported on Sunday. “After years of taking team-friendly deals and not getting the multi-year commitment he has sought, Brady finally has some leverage in his negotiations with the Patriots. And he is not-so-subtly reminding everyone of this”

“Seemingly every week on his Instagram page,” Volin continued, “he’s posting photos of himself working harder than ever, and not-so-cryptic messages to the Patriots and any of his doubters. Last Monday, Brady posted a photo working out with his wife while on vacation in Montana, with the hashtag #nodaysoff. On a separate Instagram story, Brady posted, “Go ahead and bet against me. . . . And you think you’ve seen the best of me. I’m grateful for you doubting me and I’m determined to prove you wrong . . . again.”

So is Brady leveraging to get more money (or power) from the Patriots or is he really considering a goodbye from New England?

ESPN’s Jeff Darlington was a guest on The Adam Schefter Podcast last week and he believes the Titans (followed by the Raiders) actually have better odds of signing Brady than the Patriots. Darlington also called it “fact” that Brady was willing to leave the Patriots.

When it comes to Brady it’s hard to know what is real and what isn’t. Even if he wanted to stay in New England it would make sense for Brady to make an offseason power play in the same way it seems to be happening.

Nevertheless, don’t you wonder if Bill Belichick wants to try to win a Super Bowl with someone other than Brady?

Belichick won with Matt Cassell. He surely believes he can win with a quarterback like Ryan Tannehill or… gasp… Derek Carr?

As for the Titans link to Brady… keep an eye on that situation. There are a lot of reasons why that marriage would make sense.

The Raiders on the other hand?

Not so much.

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11 thoughts on “ESPN Insider Says Raiders and Titans are Favorites to Sign Tom Brady

  1. You lost your dam mind if you think we’re signing Brady, or if you think he’s going to titans.

  2. Trade Carr to the Patriots for what? A low first round pick are you kidding me. I don’t see how that works for us.

  3. Titans aunt signing Brady. Lol

    This is his LAST contract EVER

    The guy is going to Florida or Vegas. No state income tax. When you are talking numbers like 30-35 million a year that is a lot of money that other teams can’t match bc of tax laws.

    Stop thinking like fan boys n jock strap sniffers. This is only about the $$$. Think like an adult for godsakes not a 10 year old with a Tom Brady poster above your bed.

  4. I think Brady is more eager to show the world he can win without Belichick than the other way around. Also, other than Raider fans being salty, why are the Titans a better fit? Have you been to a Titans home game? I have as a Raiders fan living in Louisville, KY. The last two I was in the end zone and titan fans told my cousin and I that they were impressed how loud and zealous we were.

    I like the Raiders o-line better and we will get at least two stud WRs in the offseason (draft and FA). Brady will absolutely love Waller and Moreau and talk about a stud in Jacob’s. He even has a slot guy in Renfrow that will kinda remind him of Edleman. So what’s the problem again? Oh yeah…defense.

    We are going to draft nothing but defense after we get a WR or two. We also have Jonathan Abram coming off injury. We will sign a CB and a LB or two (fingers crossed on Littleton). We will trade Carr. And I expect Ferrell to be a better pass rusher next season. He was good in rush defense and really started to turn the corner by the end of the season. Crosby is a beast.

    There is no income tax in Las Vegas and we will have the best stadium in the NFL. Maybe we draft a QB to groom under the golden boy. I’ve hated Tom Brady but always respected his game. And for anyone to say playing for the Titans is more attractive is nuts. They are a bubble gum team with a history tied to Houston (a losing history) brady will want to play for someone with pedigree and he is from the Bay Area (I know he was a niners fan). Nashville is no Las Vegas and there he will be king. It will he either the Raiders or Patriots (unless SF makes a move)

  5. brady is staying in new england there going to get him some wide outs the raiders would be making a big mistake by giving him that money instead of free agents

  6. Brady would be a big draw in Las Vegas, but the risk of very big $$$$$$$$$ and winding up on the disabled list would be too much of a risk. Being a good or great QB and youthful is what the Raiders need to propel the team to a rememberable first Las Vegas season.

    Being a new team and stadium 🏟 is enough draw in Las Vegas. Bring on NFL 2021!!!

    A good and great hall of fame older QB should stay where he is…

  7. Brady’s age and play are the real reasons he won’t work for us.
    You would really have to be in trouble at QB to even consider him at the end of his career. And I don’t think we would waste that much money as a retirement gift for him. Three of “his” Super Bowl wins they had to find him and tell him, “you” won another one.
    It would set us back 5 years to try to start all over again. And he won’t last that long.
    We’re big in trade and draft talk, not so much in winning seasons or playoffs…

  8. Yes as if it is not bad already just thinking about it … Swap QB ‘s with New England ., So Belichik can prove its the coaches not players and we look stupid as Derik Carr wins a Superbowl and Gruden kisses the ring of the master… Please ! Teams should make New England keep Brady ! As I will be happy to stick with Carr and more support on offense and defense !

  9. My early reply was why Brady would want to come to the Raiders over the Titans, not whether I think we (the raiders) should do it or not. I personally have been a huge supporter of Carr but I dont think he is capable of winning a SB. Does that mean we should trade him and pick Brady or do something really stupid and take Brissett or someone less than Carr, hell no!

    But Captain Checkdown plays scared a lot. I love that DC loves being a Raider and I hope he proves me wrong (as a Raider not on another team). Do you guys really think he can beat Mahomes?

    But let me play devil’s advocate a bit…Tom Brady’s salary would be a bit offset by losing Carr and getting out from his contract. Drafting a guy like Love and having him sit behind Brady for two years isnt that terrible of an idea based on the logic that if Carr isnt our guy then better to move on instead of delaying the inevitable.

    Again, I’m not saying I totally want the above, but you guys act like we wouldn’t have a young qb to develop under Brady and that Brady’s $30 isnt reduced by a pretty big margin after trading Carr (and maybe even getting a 2nd round pick for DC). Just wondering, does that sound all that bad?

    1. Carr can most assuredly win a SB. No doubt in my mind. Look who Chucky had back when he beat us in the SB, Brad Johnson, hahaha.

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