Report: Raiders “More Comfortable” With Myles Jack Than Others

Last week, the Raiders made a suspicious last-minute visit with Myles Jack. At a time when Jack’s “draft stock” seemed to be falling, the visit seemed a little like an are-we-missing-something-here medical check.

As it turns out, that may be exactly what it was.

According to CBS Sports insider Jason La Canfora, the Raiders are more comfortable with Myles Jack’s knee injury than other teams, but if the Raiders decide to pass on Jack, the Falcons will be “very interested.”

Adding to La Canfora’s information, others have also reported Jack’s visit with the Raiders went very well – included Jack himself. “I passed it,” Jack told the LA Times. “I went through everything. They checked my knee for swelling and there was nothing. They put me through the gantlet and I did it.”

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7 thoughts on “Report: Raiders “More Comfortable” With Myles Jack Than Others

  1. No way he’s there at #14.. No way. I can hope and pray but not realistic. Either way GO NATION!

  2. Three productive years from Myles jack envigorating theRaiders defense will be more than acceptable considering the potency of raiders defense that has been assembled by Mckenzie and Norton ..therefore taking a chance on him will benefit the raiders despite of some uncertainty on his medical condition..

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