Report: Raiders Not Expected to Bring Back Mike Glennon and DeShone Kizer

Derek Carr and Tom Brady are dominating the Raiders offseason rumor mill, but backup quarterbacks are important, too, and it sounds like Jon Gruden wasn’t impressed either of his backups in 2019.

“Marcus Mariota is an interesting name as far as a potential backup for Carr who might have some Foles-type upside. DeShone Kizer and Mike Glennon are not expected to return to the Raiders, and Nathan Peterman is still in the project phase,” The Athletic’s Vic Tafur reported on Wednesday.

“Mayock, Joseph and coach Jon Gruden are evaluating all the free-agent quarterbacks on the market as possible replacements or backups for Derek Carr, who all parties say improved in Year 2 under Gruden. Tom Brady may not return to the Patriots and is the biggest name on the list, joining Philip Rivers, Teddy Bridgewater and possibly Jameis Winston. Bridgewater went 5-0 stepping in for Drew Brees with the Saints last season but is not seen as a clear-cut improvement over Carr.”

Peterman played well in the preseason a year ago, but was stashed on Injured Reserve before the regular season began. If the Raiders do end up parting ways with Carr, they could potentially go into the 2020 with no quarterbacks familiar with Gruden’s offense.

That doesn’t seem (at all) like a scenario Gruden would welcome.

Another scenario that doesn’t seem likely?

Tom Brady rolling the dice on his legacy by joining the Raiders in Las Vegas. Who knows if the Raiders are interested, but there are too many reasons at this point to seriously believe it might happen.

Also, what is that sneaky little mention of Jameis Winston above?

Pairing up Gruden with the turnover king of the NFL might be the worst coach/quarterback combo in history. But just for the sound bites it would be worth the price of admission.

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18 thoughts on “Report: Raiders Not Expected to Bring Back Mike Glennon and DeShone Kizer

  1. Now That is intreging … Marcus as a back up … To Derek Carr … I think I’m in on this one … Pull the trigger !

  2. Carr is not GOING anywhere but to Las Vegas as the Raiders starting QB! I have thought all along that Mariota would be a good bet to land in Vegas as Carr’s backup! That out of all the scenarios would be the smart football move for the Las Vegas Raiders. Gruden angers me because he’s letting Carr twist in the wind. Carr doesn’t deserve that treatment. By all accounts Carr works hard at learning and mastering Gruden’s offense. Chucky should either say Yes we’re looking at what other teams may offer for Carr or No Carr is our QB and we’ll look to secure a capable backup for him!

    1. Totally agree,…at some point you have to figure in the collateral damage this could cause as well,…very much to your point. I just don’t see what the value is by instilling doubt into one of your most loyal and talented players who never bitches about anything,…only takes the wrap for all of the other (never mentioned) issues that are causing the obvious problems. If Gruden and Mayock nail this draft like last year,….we will continue to rise several levels in the potential and output column. Hoping!!


    2. you’re just assuming that Gruden and Mayock, haven’t “tucked-in” in DC, about his status with the team…..come on people, it’s in the best interest of the Raiders to let the rest of the League, NOT KNOW what the Raiders have in mind about their QB situation in 2020. It’s smart to “publicly” keep the beat-writers and fans, “twisting in the wind” about their thoughts about DC.

  3. No QBcurrently available is an upgrade over Carr, particularly a clearly declining 43 year old Friar Tuck.

  4. First, no matter who is the Raiders starting quarterback or backup quarterback in 2020, Jon Gruden needs to make some adjustments to his offense. Jon Gruden would do well to look at film of how the Denver Broncos ran their offense when Peyton Manning was the quarterback. At that time, as I recall, the Raiders had someone named Tolliver, on their staff, who said that the Denver Broncos offense had three speeds of execution, and they did. Jon Grunden’s offense, according to many sportswriters, has become all too predictable. Hence, while updating the Raiders with new and presumably better players, defensively and offensively, Jon Gruden should “add some new wrinkles” to his offensive strategy, as well. Again, my premise as always, the Raiders, Jon Gruden in particular, needs to look at “some” of the successful innovations that other teams have employed and emulate them. In the Super Bowl, the Kansas City offense, on a play in the Red Zone, came out of the huddle and everyone on the offense did a 360 degree turn before lining up for the play. While that turn did not have any real signifigcnce with the play that they ran, what it did do was make the defense, of the San Francisco 49ers and everyone watching the game, wonder if even for a split second what the hell the Kansas City Chiefs were up to. If nothing else, this insignificant “shift” threw an optical “loop” in the minds of everyone. This “shift” made it appear as if the Kansas City Chiefs were having fun, an almost unheard of and surely a lost concept, playing this game. Jon Gruden’s supposedly “highly disciplinarian” type of coaching, effective or not, leaves all the players nerves even more frazzled as opposed to giving them confidence and the perception of enjoying what they are doing. In any sport, attitude is everything. The championship years of the Golden State Warriors showed a team that hustled every play but were excited at doing so. Everyone could “feel” the confidence that the players exuded and their winning appeared to be not so much a chore as it was confidence in their abilities. Any team, in any sport, takes on the persona of it’s leader. Although, the Patriots, Packers, Chiefs and Ravens didn’t win every game, they did appear confident that they would get the job done, not so much the 2019 Raiders. With a new home, new stadium, new players should also come a revised knowledge and attitude. In my opinion, the 2019 Raiders appeared tentative in every game. With the exception of Darren Waller and Josh Jacobs, the rest of the Raiders “appeared” unsure and certainly not confident that they were playing winning football. Jon Gruden needs to invoke this winning disposition and not by being a loud mouthed tyrant but by infusing plays that instill confidence. Successful change begins at the top. When Bill Belichik took over the New England Patriots, he transformed a previous 4-12 team into a Super Bowl winner, the next year, with a first year quarterback that was drafted 199th. I can assure you that it was his, Belichik’s, attitude that infiltrated and lifted his team’s psyche.

  5. Getting “rid” of Derrick Carr at this point would seem rather ill advised.
    Or he would be the last of the three super drafts of Mack, Cooper and Carr.
    Or trading for draft picks.
    Then we don’t have to actually build a team ever.
    Just stay big in the draft conversations and prattle on about our brilliant rookie class.
    One step forward and two steps back.

  6. I think we shud get a new QB coach n add more whose outs & that might help the line out to open up more plays for Carr n might b able to lead us n more n better running plays that will stretch the grass n Carr needs to throw deeper more!!!!!

  7. Give Carr better plays n work on his legs n scrambling for more yards remember his still young!

  8. U know it cud b a smart move to keep Carr n buy Brady & use them two as a duo qb threat but we shud switch them out for special plays and do that switch out like we did with our rbs n bet we’ll kill m on screens & play actions czz that’ll leave the plays lookn like the wild cat or the jet option run/ pass play it’ll leave defences confused, that’s the type of styles Pittsburgh, New England, broncos, n kc uses to spread out for option plays n it works so let’s try that wit duo QBs like Carr n Brady n remember Brady throws off defences too wit his switch up play calls!!! N that’s what we need is a “”Unpredictable”” TEAM!!!!!!!!

  9. What we need is game hungry & win thirsty players!!!! Vegas Nation baby!!!! & I hope we get way better lookn jerseys I dead tired of seeing the same jerseys & every body is up grading n changing their looks!! We’re silver n black so y can’t we get a all black out suit even helmet!!! Jus hook us up ,,, we need it!!!!!!?!

  10. What the actual F*** are you trying to get across there bud?! No one can understand that intangible nonsense of a lazy excuse for spelling, grammar, or…. F*** I feel dumber from having to decipher those last few posts.

    Honestly, everyone makes valid points. Personally, I don’t feel like Carr is in any immediate danger of losing his job… What I feel needs to happen- (aside from Gruden adopting a non high school J. V. Offensive playbook) -would be to find a QB who can fill in for Carr for the last third of the season.

    While it may seem like nonsense, numbers don’t lie. Carr, (and the offense as a whole) can’t close out… Especially when it’s cold(er) outside. Late fall/early winter east coast games killed any momentum the team had. From losing to the Jets on, he (Carr) imo was a dumpster fire.

    On another note, why would you want to use Mariota for a back up? When’s the last time he played a complete season? Don’t use glass to try and supplement glass… Neither QB is durable, especially Mariota. Carr’s got happy feet as it is due to fear of injury.

    Honestly, I don’t know that a QB replacement on any level is the solution. Unless it’s a QB that can handle the elements. I definitely think and agree with the poster several above (who doesn’t like to use paragraph spacing) that it’s Gruden’s pedestrian approach to the offense. A QB coach isn’t going to help a **** thing. In fact, we saw how that worked out for the team when they brought one in under Del Rio’s last season. Creativity, originality, and a fresh approach would do wonders. Remember when the wild cat offense made it’s way to the pros from college? Game changer. The old guard needs to adapt. Plain and simple.

  11. Colorado Raider,
    First, I’ll do my best to work on that paragraph spacing thing. LOL I certainly agree with you, relative to your Maroita observation. The idea of adding him to the roster should be dismissed immediately. As we both know, Gruden is going to be Gruden but what has me in a quandary is what are the advantages of his offensive being supposedly so complicated and dose this “complicated offensive scheme” translate into success? IMO, the best case scenario, for the 2020 Raiders, is that they acquire hopefully 3 to 4 good football players, irrespective of their positions, and that will translate into 3 to 4 less needs for the following year. Who knows? maybe the cumulative effect will be a playoff caliber team by 2024. Hey, it took the Kansas City Chiefs 50 years before they won another championship. It’s only been 36 years since the Raiders won their last one. By that standard, the Raiders still have 14 years left to go.

  12. In the article below by Evan Groat, he points out that Mike Mayock had DeShone Kizer rated as the best quarteback in that draft and that DeShone Kizer is only 24 years old. I wouldn’t be surprised if Mike Mayock sticks with DeShone Kizer. Well, at least he is young, mobile, cheap and has had the benefit of learning “something” from Mike McCarthy and Aaron Rodgers. We can only hope that, quaterback guru, Jon Gruden can get the best out of DeShone Kizer, that he has to offer.

    Options at Quarterback IF Derek Carr is Traded
    By Evan Groat  Feb 21, 2020
    DeShone Kizer

    Keep in mind that Mike Mayock had DeShone Kizer ranked as his number one quarterback in his initial rankings in 2017. Yes, that class included Deshaun Watson, Patrick Mahomes, and Mitch Trubisky. Hey, you can’t get them all right.The Raiders claimed DeShone Kizer off waviers, in September of last season after he was waived by the Green Bay Packers. DeShone Kizer and Mike Glennon flip-flopped as Carr’s backup, and some weeks DeShone Kizer was inactive.All that being said, DeShone Kizer is still only 24 and has the benefit of having worked with Jon Gruden for a year.

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