Report: Raiders Not Expected To Pursue Odell Beckham Jr., DeSean Jackson a Possibility

Everyone knows the Raiders will be making a move at wide receiver, but which wide receiver is it going to be?

The two popular options at the moment are Odell Beckham Jr. and DeSean Jackson, but a couple of reports on Friday morning would suggest Jackson probably has better odds than Beckham of joining the Raiders at this point.

“I do not expect the Raiders to pursue Odell Beckham Jr. when he becomes available,” NFL insider Mike Silver tweeted on Friday.

The Athletic’s Vic Tafur followed up later in the day, saying that he doesn’t think the Raiders are interested in Beckham. Tafur added that Jackson to the Raiders is a scenario that “could happen” now that Jackson has cleared waivers.

In order for the Raiders to have a chance at Beckham, he would have to fall to no. 26 in the waiver order (25 teams have priority over the Raiders). If no team claims Beckham, he is free to negotiate with any team he wants.

But if reports are accurate, the Raiders aren’t going to make a move for Beckham even if he does become available.

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17 thoughts on “Report: Raiders Not Expected To Pursue Odell Beckham Jr., DeSean Jackson a Possibility

    1. I dont think its a bluff. I think they like not having a diva at receiver. No more drama in this tight locker room needed. Beckham be complaining he didnt get thrown to 10x a game. when he isnt complaining hes injured.

  1. I think Desean will be a better pick, Odell from what I’ve heard and seen (I’m a Raider fan ride or die) so, I don’t much about him except he’s been in trouble a few times and the last thing we need right now is more problems and negative attention. Desean seems like a more seasoned wide out and few if any problems, we should also play our asses off for the remainder of the season all the way to the super bowl and win that too, and maybe dedicate this season to the victim and her family.

    Just win, Pride and Poise

    1. Beckham has never had any off the field issues you right you don’t know anything about him but trying to put a label on him just keep quiet signed Raiders fan for life..

    2. Not only has he never been in any trouble off the field, he has not been an issue in the locker room, and has been liked and respected by his peers in the locker room. Pre-judgement, if you don’t anything or much about a person, is never a good thing.

  2. The Raiders may be in Vegas but a gamble on OBJ is one I wouldn’t take part in if I were them! I’d prefer Jackson myself anyway

  3. Ruggs dude in Vegas go drinking but dog drove tour corvette and carry a gun not in bama hood anymore you just blew 50 million and a nfl career sad 😞

    1. It is sad. A lot of NFL players need to be acculturated, need to be sat down and explained that their whole life has changed and they can live it their best way, not what they thought was good growing up

  4. The Raiders are in position to enter the Superbowl for the first time since 2003 (or arguably since 2016). The Raiders need to be aggressive in their pursuit of both Desean Jackson and Odell Beckham Jr. This is the year the Raiders must do all it takes get in position to battle through the playoffs. The Rams just went all in and picked up Von Miller. If Raiders do make it to the playoffs, OBJ and D-Jax would turn the Raiders offense into the most dangerous offense in the NFL. My suggestion to the Raiders, Go all in on your team and pick up these major players!

  5. OBJ shines in a big market with a good quarterback like Eli. Las Vegas and Derek Carr is perfect. Cleveland and Joe not so much. OBJ has never had off the field issues and he’s young and talented… Let’s get him and continue our Playoff and Superbowl march.

  6. I love how NFL marketing to sell jerseys has brainwashed idiots to actually believe a guy that’s 100% sucked for 5 years is somehow a “top three wr”. His stats the last 4 seasons show he’s dropped the ball 45% of his passes, his ypc has plunged to bottom of the league area, he’s missed 27 of 64 games beause his conditioning sucks, and only 4 tds a season. (Been over a year since the last one). His last good season was all the way back in 2016, since then, to keep his “brand” fresh in your mind, all he’s done is bitch, moan and complain blaming everyone but himself for sucking. He’s had his dad that apparently taught him how to be a drama queen, post social media blaming his QB with “look he’s open” video, but sure didn’t post “look, he’s dropping nearly half the passes thrown to him” videos. Hes also bragged he’s buying ridiculous watches, and associated himself with Brady, buying the goat cheater goatfur 👟 and presenting them in a media special. He’s angered peta with animal stunts, flaunted fur coats, been a dancing crosswalk guard, and numerous other dumb things to keep his name on your lips and sell jerseys. Oh yeah, and during all this drama queen stupidity, he’s been fired twice because he’s a locker room cancer. After all the crap the raiders have endured so far this season, NO ONE in their right mind should want this me me mee guy demanding Carr throw him every ball (so he can drop half of them) and his drama queen dad posting social media screwing with him when he doesn’t. Y’all think this washed up loser is great, because “entertainment” spn can legally lie, and has a history of it’s pundits shilling players to get kickbacks from agents. (Looking at you Mel Kiper) not to mention shilling to sell jerseys. Great players show it on the field, they don’t scream “I’m the greatest, watch my media circus!”. The raiders are a team, Old Dirty Basterd is a media circus just like AB. Bottom line, move on asshat, there’s plenty of teams that want media spotlight, and we ain’t one of them, we’ve had plenty enough this year. Good thing Raidernation doesn’t require IQ tests, because a lot of really stupid brainwashed people want this nonproductive bench sitter…

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