Report: Raiders Not Expected to Put Up Great Chase For Tom Brady

The Raiders may be intrigued by the idea of adding Tom Brady, but it sounds like a lot of the reported interest may have been embellished a little by the folks on Brady’s side of the fence.

“Las Vegas head coach Jon Gruden, I was told, isn’t going to cold-shoulder Brady if the quarterback’s people reach out but the team isn’t planning to give great chase,” NBC Sports Boston’s Tom Curran reported on Monday.

“Not surprisingly, the indications from folks closer to Brady is that the competition is expected to be fierce. Brady himself is surprised at the level of interest he now believes he’s going to draw when he hits free agency. If he hits free agency.”

From the beginning, the Raiders haven’t made the most sense for Brady, assuming that winning another championship is at the top of his priorities in finding a new team. A return to New England or a reunion with former teammate Mike Vrabel in Tennessee have always felt like the most likely scenarios for Brady and that has never felt more true than now.

The Brady rumors could still go strong for another couple weeks, but he runs the risk of backing himself into a corner if he waits too long. The Titans are happy with Ryan Tannehill and won’t want to risk losing him if Brady drags his feet a lot longer. The Patriots could easily talk themselves into a modest trade for a quarterback like Andy Dalton, who might actually be a good fit at quarterback for the Patriots – and 33 is a heck of a lot younger than 43.

So while free agency doesn’t really get rolling for a couple more weeks, don’t be surprised if we get a good feeling where Brady is going by this time next week.

Whatever the case, the ‘Brady to Vegas’ idea always felt like a long shot. Now that a report is indicating that Gruden isn’t overwhelmingly interested in Brady (or even interested at all), it might be time to settle in on the notion that it isn’t going to happen.

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10 thoughts on “Report: Raiders Not Expected to Put Up Great Chase For Tom Brady

  1. Was Brady ever a realistic option? 60 Million for two years for a Great QB who is clearly declining? That’s money that could be spent elsewhere! I DONT LIKE CARR! But with a few more weapons he’ll get us at least to the playoffs. We won’t win anything with Carr though. But we have NO NONE else! I hope Gruden drafts a youngster! It’s time to move on from Carr!

  2. Thank God Gruden doesn’t want him and isn’t interested in pursuing him I knew he was smarter than that then go after a 43 year old quarterback I live in New England and have been a die-hard Raiders fan since early 70s and I don’t want no part of Brady

  3. Finally a report written by someone with a brain. Now your thinking with your big Johnson instead of your little one.

  4. Philip is a much better fit for a 2 year bridge. Cheaper, reunited w/Wms, reunited w/ great TE, OL strength, strong running game, knows the division, vendetta vs chargers, knows the time zone, still has fire, talks shiggidy like a Raider. Get’em a speedster WR & a D that can keep most opponents under 25 and division leading Raiders are here. Trade Carr for a 2nd & 3rd to shore up the D. Draft QB in 1st w/1st pick, WR in 1st w/ 2nd pick. Thank me later Mayock/Gruden

  5. Da Raidahs dont need tucking tom on our team. Da Raidahs will win with a REAL qb!

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