Report: Raiders Still View Lamarcus Joyner As Nickel Cornerback

We learned in January that Lamarcus Joyner is expected to be back with the Raiders next year, and rumors had been swirling that defensive coordinator Paul Guenther might move him back to safety.

But according to The Athletic, Joyner is likely to remain in his nickel cornerback role in 2020.

“The Raiders still think of Lamarcus Joyner as a nickel cornerback rather than a safety, despite last season’s struggles,” The Athletic’s Vic Tafur reported on Monday.

Back in 2017, Joyner was frustrated because the Rams were using him at nickel cornerback instead of safety. Considering he struggled at the nickel cornerback again in 2019, it’s interesting (and odd) that the Raiders might be leaning toward using Joyner at cornerback again.

One other side note… if the Raiders still view Joyner as a cornerback, it would stand to reason that they will be very much in the market to add a safety in the weeks ahead.

Or maybe it’s all a lot of pre-draft smoke. Who knows?

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6 thoughts on “Report: Raiders Still View Lamarcus Joyner As Nickel Cornerback

  1. Are they dumb? He’s terrible at Nickel Corner. Doesn’t have the speed or agility to do it effectively.

  2. Putting a square peg into a round hole. Not too bright CoachGruden not too bright

  3. Oh that’s just great….make the man play a position that he’s already failed at. Definition of Crazy??

  4. He is our highest paid player on defense. Does that make a lick of sense? No. I’d call him a bust, especially at his price. Cut bait, he’s a liability out there.

  5. That doesn’t make any sense. They are down to three safeties including Joyner as they have not yet resigned Joseph. A mistake. Joyner is not cutting it as a slot corner. They’re best bet is to draft Lavert Hill in the 3rd or 4th round. He is seen as a slot corner by most scouts. If they do decide to stick with Joyner at slot corner then they must bring in two more safeties as they only have Harris and the unproven Abram left.

  6. Nothing worse than a coach who tries to force something that doesn’t work, and then is too stubborn, or too stupid to admit that it’s not working.

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