Report: Raiders Not Looking at Tom Brady Right Now

Based on an NFL Network report, the Raiders aren’t looking like a strong possibility to be Tom Brady’s next team.

“I sense almost nothing from the Las Vegas Raiders that would tell me they are going to make a run at [Tom] Brady,” NFL Network’s Ian Rapoport said on Monday. Things can change. You never know. But from what I understand that is not something that they are looking at right now.”

Ian Rapoport on Twitter

From @nflnetwork: A look at what is ahead for free agent QB Tom Brady… and like most free agents it could come down to where does he want to win?

Considering that free agency begins in just two days, if the Raiders aren’t considering Brady now, a lot would have to happen in a short time to make him a Raider. Of course, there is also the question of how much interest the Raiders had in the first place.

Reports have been connecting the Raiders to Brady for months, but how many of those rumors have been agent driven?

Look for the Raiders to upgrade at quarterback behind Derek Carr, but all signs right now point to Carr being the Raiders starting quarterback when the 2020 season begins… mostly likely with a shiny new wide receiver (or two) to throw the ball to.

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4 thoughts on “Report: Raiders Not Looking at Tom Brady Right Now

  1. The Raiders were never seriously considering Brady and Gruden and Mayock are rolling with Carr for at least 2 more years (2020 and 2021), to see how he performs with some weapons and a decent defense. All the non-sense floating around about Carr is nothing but noise and Gruden has said that multiple times, but I guess these so-called “Sports writers” all think he’s lying to them.

  2. Nooooo….you’re shittin me….what about all those rumors??? Lookin at you Vic T

  3. We don’t need an aging 43 yr old. Not for any reason. Lamonica, Plunket and Gannon all had something to bring, and some years to play (and super bowls at that. Brady does not. To little too late, sorry Tom. Go back to the Patriots if they will still have you.

  4. I think Gruden should roll Car.Lets face it.If it wasn’t for Carr,I don’t think they could of won a game with the talent they gave him to throw too.You had 1receiver who dropped the ball every time he really needed to step up.Another pleaqued with injuries.Just saying give the guy a chance to show the fans he’s still the guy.

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