Report: Raiders and Eagles in “Bidding War” For Byron Jones

As of Monday afternoon, it sounds like Cowboys cornerback Byron Jones might be at the top of the Raiders free agent wish list.

Reports have acknowledged the Raiders interest in Jones for weeks, but according to a Wednesday report from Pro Football Network, the Raiders and Eagles are believed to be in a bidding war to sign Jones for somewhere around $18 million per year.

If it comes down to money for Jones, Las Vegas is the much more tax-friendly state (compared to Pennsylvania), but the Eagles would give Jones an opportunity to stay in the NFC East and play against his former team.

If they don’t sign Jones, the Raiders are likely to shift focus to Broncos CB Chris Harris, who would be a less-expensive option. There is also the prospect of potentially trading for Lions CB Darius Slay, though the Raiders might find the Lions asking price to be too much.

Or how about this… maybe they will be even more aggressive and go after two top cornerbacks in free agency.

Definitely don’t rule out that idea, either.

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5 thoughts on “Report: Raiders and Eagles in “Bidding War” For Byron Jones

  1. It would be great to get Jones as long as the Raiders can still get guys like LB Cory Littleton, and I’m hoping, WR Emmanuel Sanders, and possibly a solid RB to backup Jacobs. I also think it’s important to resign CB Daryl Worley, if not S Karl Joseph. Adding these players would set them up for a great draft: Top WR, top LB, Defensive lineman, and others. I don’t believe they need to replace Derek Carr, unless a QB falls into their lap in Round 3 that they can develop over the next 2 years. I pray they don’t fall under the Tom Brady spell, thinking he will take them to the Super bowl anytime soon. They need to continue to develop the overall team for sustained success.

  2. Offer fair market value … And as the pawn shop guy at the Las Vegas silver and gold … Not a penny more !

  3. Well, as usual, Jon Gruden’s foolishness has started off with a bang. Of all the free agents, on the market, thus far, the Raiders have signed Marcus Mariotta and tendered an offer to Nathan Peterman. Surely, those two moves, thus far, have made the Raiders a more competitive team going into this season. NOT!!! Gruden could have gotten Byron Jones for 5 years and 90 million dollars but NO!!! Can’t wait to see what the quarterback guru comes up with next, can you?

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