Report: Raiders’ RT Trent Brown “Ballooned” to 400 Pounds in the Offseason

The Raiders haven’t been pleased with Trent Brown and that has been evident from the tone of reports ever since he missed essentially all of training camp and the preseason.

The nature of the organization’s frustration wasn’t specifically reported (probably because the team wanted it quiet based on who they were dealing with), but it was fairly obvious that he wasn’t even close to being in shape when he reported to the team over the summer.

As it turns out, Brown apparently showed up overweight and that was presumably what led to the leg issues that kept him off the field early in the season.

“People inside the Raiders facility said that the 6-foot-8 Brown’s weight ballooned to 400 pounds last year (he’s listed at 380 pounds),” The Athletic‘s Vic Tafur reported on Monday. “He missed training camp with a calf injury before tweaking his other calf in the season opener. He then came down with COVID-19 and went on that reserved list a second time after a botched IV before the game in Cleveland led to his hospitalization.”

For what it’s worth, the 400 figure might be a little generous. There were rumors in August that he actually came in a little bigger than that, but this is the first solid report that Brown did, in fact, show up to the team overweight at the start of the season.

Given what we know about Jon Gruden and situations like this one, consider it a long shot for Brown to be back with the Raiders next year.

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17 thoughts on “Report: Raiders’ RT Trent Brown “Ballooned” to 400 Pounds in the Offseason

  1. A fat lazy f*** like him should be paid on the per game basis. He should not have a contract he should be paid by how many games he plays. Maybe that would motivate that fat lazy motherfuker to show up and shape and play like a real man

    1. I can’t wait to see what your next report maybe, this is a report from the start of training camp 2020 and your just now getting around to it. Did you know that Antonino Brown signed with the Raiders in 2019?

    2. Wow!! Wonder what part of this reply you’re willing to say to this man in a quiet place just you and him. Clearly you’re full of keyboard courage. Simmer down, Mr. Surely Never Played Anything.

    3. I agree 100%. Bastard is just stealing money. I can understand an on-field injury or some other event out of a player’s control that sidelines them, but why does a team have to pay the salary of a player who doesn’t give a ****, refused to get in shape, and rarely plays? I don’t get this, they should be able to dock a portion of his pay…

  2. get rid of his fat lazy *** free up somebody that wants to play some ball i know we get a good player for the money the raiders pay him

  3. I’m just a guy observing from the outside looking into a television screen or following from any source of Raiders football news, I seen it written all over his face from just an expression stand point. This man got paid very handsomely to become the face of the offensive line and that face looked liked a little kid that his momma wouldn’t let him have the candy bar at the grocery store checkout stand! It was very obvious to a person who doesn’t know him nor the situation from hundereds of miles away, that this so called man didn’t want to give his all to a franchise who gave him the world to come in and work his tail off to be a man that has pride & passion as like a Rodney Hudson type of man! Imagine what could’ve been huh Mr. Trent Brown…

  4. If they keep brown pay him game by game or cut his a** that’s a lot of money to be getting just to b sitting on the bench if that’s the case I will sit on the bench for that much money “RAIDERS NEED A NEW BENCH WARMER IM AVAILABLE”😂😂😂😂😂

  5. I couldn’t agree more Larry. This dude pisses me off. He is just fat and lazy and i truly believe he comes up with reasons to not have to play just brining in all that money by not doing a god dam thing. This dude needs to be gone last year. I can’t stand lazy players making millions like him. Hudson our center never misses any games, Hudson and Jackson and the UCLA product have been soldiers for us. I wish incognito wouldn’t of gotten hurt.

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