Report: Raiders To Bring Back Marshawn Lynch, Pay Him Roster Bonus

Marshawn Lynch wants to return next year and the Raiders are serious about bringing him back.

So serious is Jon Gruden about keeping the team’s top rusher in 2017 that the Raiders didn’t show any strong interest in the top available running backs in free agency.

Now they are doubling down and will reportedly pay Lynch a $1 million roster bonus that is due March 18.

As for whether there was any question to whether he’d be back… yes, there was. But that’s water under the bridge now.

Lynch reported to the Raiders last year a bit out of shape – which to some degree is fair after coming out of retirement.

If ‘Beast Mode’ goes into the 2018 season the way he left the 2017 season, Gruden (and Raider fans) should be in for a treat.

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3 thoughts on “Report: Raiders To Bring Back Marshawn Lynch, Pay Him Roster Bonus

  1. If they go with the power run game, with a fullback and extra TE’s, etc. I think they’re going to get TONS of yards on the ground. They’ll be able to setup play-action deep balls to Coop and Jordy.

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