What Is The Raiders Plan For Doug Martin?

One of the Raiders’ surprise signings this week was 29 year-old running back Doug Martin.

Maybe it shouldn’t have been a shock after a report linked Martin to the team last week, but most still didn’t think it would happen.

After consecutive seasons in Tampa Bay averaging under three yards per-carry, Martin’s NFL career felt like it was on life support.

But Jon Gruden loves veteran players and came came away from a meeting last week impressed by Martin.

Since signing Martin, the Raiders don’t seem to have been in the mix for any of the top running backs in free agency, but his role is anything but clear. Even Martin, who spoke with reporters on Thursday, doesn’t seem to know what his role in Oakland might be.

For what it’s worth, a report on Thursday indicated that Martin’s arrival isn’t expected to impact the status of Marshawn Lynch.

With that in mind, a reputable report two weeks ago said Michael Crabtree would be back with the Raiders in 2018 – an idea that barely lasted two weeks.

With the free agent market at running back all but dried up, the Raiders don’t have any reliable options on the roster outside of Lynch and it would be a gamble for the team to release him ahead of the $1 million roster bonus he is due on March 18.

The draft is once again loaded at running back, but as of now, Lynch is still by far the Raiders best option in the backfield.

The fact that the Raiders went cheap at running back is (for now at least) a good sign Lynch is still in their plans.

Then again, the Raiders in recent days have gone cheap at every position.

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5 thoughts on “What Is The Raiders Plan For Doug Martin?

  1. I see him as nothing but veteran depth and at least 2 of the current RB’s will be dropped at the 40-man cut. If Lynch gets injured during camp or pre-season, Martin assumes his role. If no one gets injured, Washington is either cut or traded. If Elijah Hood doesn’t come out and blow it up he’ll be cut too. They won’t carry 5 RB’s into the season……

  2. Two blocking TE signed and Cable Brought in to go along with all the 1st & 2nd Rd OL prospects interviewed at combine (Vita vea only interview day 2) sounds like Gruden bringing smash mouth football back into NFL. Beast mode and Muscle Hamster backfield can wear on defenses. Martin could be a comeback player seeming now he has his head on straight. I’m thinking Gruden wants to power run the ball 30-35 times a game. 17-25 carries for Lynch and 8-12 for Martin.

  3. Washington or Richard better be packing their bags. If not both. Most likely one will be gone. Both if the Raiders draft another RB like Sony Michel or the big guy from Arizona St. Gruden wants a superior pass catcing RB to maximize Carr’s game.

    If Gruden make a league MVP out of Gannon. Wait until you see what he can do with Carr.

  4. Sounds like Gruden’so plans of using the play action paases, will become a reality.

  5. The best thing would be to dump the money guys and hope for a good one to fall to them. Marshall is only good when he feels like it. Its hard to coach a bunch of part time players. Sorry coach that they let you down. I hope for all the best for you. They really let you down.

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