Report: Raiders Want Michael Crabtree And Marshawn Lynch To Take Paycuts

Listening to comments from Jon Gruden and Reggie McKenzie on Wednesday, it sure sounded like they wanted to bring back Michael Crabtree and Marshawn Lynch next year.

But considering both players are currently under contract, it was noteworthy that Gruden and McKenzie weren’t more definitive about their intentions – particularly when it came to Lynch.

It turns out there may be a good reason for that.

According to a report in the Las Vegas Review-Journal, the Raiders want both Crabtree and Lynch to take paycuts next season.

Michael Gehlken, who wrote the story, said both veteran players could ultimately be released at their current cost.

“The two situations privately are considered very much in flux and could result in both, either or neither player being with the club in 2018.”

For Crabtree, Gehlken’s report comes on the heels of a report on Tuesday that the veteran wide receiver will return to the Raiders in 2018.

Making the story even more confusing was the fact that McKenzie on Thursday seemed to deny he was trying to re-work as many deals as was being reported.

Make sense of it all at your own risk.

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7 thoughts on “Report: Raiders Want Michael Crabtree And Marshawn Lynch To Take Paycuts

  1. Makes total sense. Put insentives into their contract for performance goals and team achievements. (Playoffs, ect.)

    Need the cap space for Mack and some other holes on defense.

  2. They would both be smart to do so. Marshawn would likely just retire again if the Raiders cut him, so at the very least he can make a few more millions and pad his stats along the way for one more year. A million or so off his salary wouldn’t be too bad. As for Crab he already has a good reputoir with Carr and knows he’s the preferred possession/redzone receiver. Getting to stay in the Bay Area as he has his entire career could be good for him as well. A drop from 7.7 million to an even 7 or even 6.7 might get it done.

  3. This mtf from las vegas is a total fucking ***..

    And all these sites pick up on it like its Tmz!!
    Stop listening to this ******!

  4. The draft is so deep you can a quality back in 4th round. Recall, in Gruden”s west coast offense beast mode would be the Tyrone Wheatley. However, too costly at 4 million base plus incentives could reach 8 million for a part time back. Crabtree struggled separating from good corners last year, thus too many double teams on Cooper. 8 million reasons to release him.

  5. All big Mac said was “y’all tryin to release and restructure all my players” when talking about Bruce Irvin. Nothing confusing about that if you understand English. Sick of people trying to dissect every word this man says and then write a story.

  6. To Mr. Zamora, I believe they will ask Crab’s to take more of a pay cut then you posted, I’m thinking more like 5.5 or 6, gotta get some money for other holes, now I’m only speculating here,

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